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We can help you create an organised storage system for all your spare parts, accessories and more that will make everything easy to locate.

Automotive solutions tailored to your facility

Automotive parts come in all different shapes and sizes, which often means there is no one-size-fits-all storage solution for all your parts. Creating the ideal storage solution will often require a combination of different storage solutions that will allow you to store a diverse range of parts. With over 20 year’s experience helping automotive businesses across Victoria and with our extensive range of longspan shelving, rolled edge shelving, tyre racking, pallet racking, parts trays and storpak bins at All Storage Systems we can help you create a storage solution that will suit all your parts.

Common challenges we see

Lack of storage space

With so many car makes and models that all require different parts you can easily run out of storage space. Not having enough storage space can mean you have to reduce what you keep in stock, which can result in an item not being there when you need it.

Inadequate inventory management

With most of the population owning a vehicle that could need a part or accessory at any time you need to keeping high stock levels is essential. While it should be common practice to keep you eye on stock levels, if your stock is not easily visible it can lead to inventory management issues that aren’t easily fixable.

Storage of fragile and small parts

Vehicles contain a lot of parts that are small or fragile that if stored or handled incorrectly can easily be lost or damaged. When you lose or damage items, they obliviously can’t be used, which ends up costing you more money in the end having to replace the unusable items.

Storage of large items

Large vehicle items can often be tricky to store due to their shape and size, but if not stored correctly can create hazards. When stored on the floor or in hard-to-reach places, trying to move these items can easily cause unwanted injuries.

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