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Benefits of Adjustable Height Desks Shepparton

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Increase Office Output with Height Adjustable Desks

Australian Studies have linked prolonged sitting to a 24% increase in the likelihood of some forms of cancer, heart disease and other preventable diseases. With the average Australian sitting for about 9.3 hours per day, it’s not surprising that some health professionals consider ‘sitting as the new smoking’. Humans were built to move, so we have an obligation to stand up for our health and make a change.

A practical solution is to alternate between sitting and standing and prevent the problems before they arise. A height adjustable desk allows you to do just this, with the user able to alternate between sitting and standing during their workday.

Alter the height of your desk to sit or stand

A height adjustable desk makes you feel better, and when you feel better, you work better. Extended periods of sitting behind a desk can cause numerous problems including backaches, neck and shoulder pain, leg cramps, sciatica, headaches and vision issues.

Standing all day can be painful too, especially if you are not used to it. That’s why a sit or stand desk is the best solution.

It’s fair to say that a decent quality office chair provides comfort and support. However, what often happens is that we get involved with our work and end up sitting far too long, until the aches and pains set in and force us to move.

Are there electric height adjustable desks?

Yes, there are electric height adjustable desks and work stations as well as manual.

Variable height desk users report significant benefits when changing from straight sitting all day to this more flexible working method.

Usually they find:

  • It keeps them in better shape physically
  • It helps to control weight as additional activity burns off excess calories
  • An ability to focus and concentrate more effectively
  • A greater level of energy
  • Feeling more actively engaged in their work
  • A much wider variety of positions, many of which can’t be achieved with a chair
  • Fewer aches and pains through being more active

There are also less obvious benefits such as improved blood circulation, which in turn leads to the nourishment of muscles, ultimately making them stronger and healthier.

Find out more about sit or stand working stations

So, if you’re fed up with sitting in discomfort during your working week, talk to the experts at All Storage Systems today.

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