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Education facilities depend upon many essential items to help maintain a positive learning environment, from comfortable seating options to spacious storage solutions, each has its place in the classroom to aid your student’s learning. For over 20 years, All Storage Systems has assisted primary schools, high schools, universities and tafe facilities in upgrading their education spaces to help create environments where their students can thrive. With our extensive range of desking, seating, and functional storage solutions, we can help you turn a general classroom into a space that your students will excel in.

Common challenges we see

Incorrect storage solutions

Using the incorrect storage solution is an easy way to cause unwanted hazards. With various shaped and sized items that need storing, from sports equipment to essential classroom items, it can be easy to choose a storage solution that works for one but not the other.

Storage rooms not fitted out correctly

Messy storage rooms that aren’t fitted out correctly make it hard to find what you need. Searching and trying to find what you need often creates more chaos, which only makes it harder to find what you need, and chaos creates unwanted hazards.

Lack of storage space

No matter how big or small your school is storage space is always a premium. With both students and staff needing space, often there isn’t enough for everyone, which can leave classrooms and offices looking messy and cluttered.


Students can be messy, and mess can pose a safety issue. With all the books, supplies and school bags they have, mess isn’t a hard thing to create, but with that mess comes a risk of injury. Whether its items falling or trip hazards, they will most certainly cause injury.

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