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Office accessories are designed to enhance your office space. Whether it be aesthetically or to help keep your office organised, neat and functional. Office accessories can help create a comfortable and productive space. As your employees will often spend more time at the office than at their own home, you must make your office a place they want to go, not a place they have to go.


At All Storage Systems we stock a wide range of office accessories to help you create a well functioning office space.


The All Storage Systems range of office accessories includes:
Boards & wall planners: A great addition to any office. If you’re looking to become more eco-friendly, using whiteboards can allow you to cut down on your paper usage and wastage. Placing pinboards around your office can be a great way to showcase different elements of your business to your clients and display notices for your employees.


  • Monitor arms: A great way to create extra space on your desk. The arms move your monitors up off the desk, allowing you to utilise the space underneath. Monitor arms are adjustable and can be moved into position to help you keep a healthy posture.
  • Feature walls: The design of your office can influence the moods and emotions of your employees and clients. Offices that are more aesthetically pleasing can allow your employees to feel more comfortable in the space, helping to increase their productivity. However, if you have a dull looking office they are more likely to be distracted. The design of your office can also influence people's opinions of your business. If your office is dull it will give the impression that your business is unexciting. If your office is bright and vibrant, they will get a good impression of your business. Using feature walls can be a simple way to create an aesthetically pleasing office space that will keep clients and employees happy.
  • Foot rests: A great way to add movement and exercise into your day while seated at your desk. Using a footrest can help to improve your blood flow and help to relieve back pain that is caused by sitting all day. A footrest is a great addition to incorporate ergonomics into your setup.
  • Lecterns: Present a symbol of authority when speaking at meetings or events. A lectern also helps convey a more professional image and helps to keep the focus trained on the speaker. They are a great place to store any props or accessories needed during your speech. The slanted top provides a great place for note storing.
  • Risers: Allow you to ensure that your computer screen is at the correct height. Having your screen at the correct height can help you keep the correct posture and reduce eye strain helping to make you feel less tired.


At All Storage Systems, we stock a wide range of office accessories for your every need. Our office accessories help you create an organised and functional aesthetically pleasing space. As a trusted supplier of office accessories, All Storage Systems can help with all your office accessories needs. For more information on our range of office accessories and how we can help you, give our expert team a call on 1800 772 726.