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Having the right office storage is essential to ensuring that your office remains organised and functional. When deciding what storage you need, it's important to think about the space you will be adding the storage to and what you need to store. You need to ensure that you have adequate space to store everything without making the space feel cluttered and overcrowded.
At All Storage Systems ,we stock a wide range of office storage solutions to help you keep your office organised and clutter-free.


The All Storage Systems range of office storage includes:

  • Bookcases: A great way to keep your books and manuals neatly organised. Depending on what you choose to store on your bookcase, you could use it as a feature piece in your office to display awards, photos, certificates and trinkets. Due to there being no doors, bookcases are the perfect option for colour-coded filing systems. They make it easy to find what you need as the colours can be seen straight away without opening anything.
  • Buffets & credenzas: A great way to add storage to your office space without sacrificing the style or aesthetics of your office. Buffets and credenzas have a versatile design, meaning you can use them for anything and use them anywhere in your office. They also feature lockable doors making it safe to store important documents and items.
  • Cabinets: Utilising cabinets in your office can help you create a functional and productive space. Cabinets allow you to store items that you currently do not need, helping you to create a less cluttered space. Our cabinets are available in a range of sizes and styles, meaning that there is the perfect cabinet for any office. Many cabinets are also lockable, making it safe for you to store items that need secure storage.
  • Filing systems: The addition of filing systems to your office can allow you to keep your desk organised and prevent you from losing important documents. Using filing systems can also help to future proof your current filing system. They ensure that every file and document is filed and stored correctly, making it easy to find your documents in the future.
  • Lockers: A great way to add personal storage space to your workplace. Lockers allow each of your employees to have a secure storage space to store their personal belongings while at work. The lockers are lockable to ensure that nobody has access to any items that do not belong to them. Lockers can also be used in school to provide students with a place to store their bags and school supplies.
  • Mobile caddies & trolleys: A versatile storage solution for your office or school. The castors on these storage units mean they can be moved around your space to where they are needed with ease. Our mobile caddies and trolleys are available in an array of options meaning that there is one suited to any space.
  • Pedestals: A great addition to any desk or workstation. Utilising a pedestal allows you to keep your most important files, documents and equipment close by in an easy-access place. A pedestal can also help you declutter your desk with there being enough drawer space for you to store items that are not needed at the time, giving you more space to work.


At All Storage Systems, we stock a wide range of office storage solutions for your every need. Our range of office storage solutions can help you create a clutter-free space giving you plenty of room to work. As a trusted supplier of office storage solutions, All Storage Systems can help with all your office storage needs. For more information on our range of office storage solutions and how we can help you, give our expert team a call on 1800 772 726.