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Heavy Duty Industrial Shelving

Industrial Shelving

Large, heavy, and bulky items require heavy duty shelving. All Storage Systems’ industrial shelves are the highest quality in Melbourne, with the versatility and strength you need to store those products that cannot fit in smaller shelving units. We supply a large range of industrial grade shelves, from pallet racking to longspan, so you are guaranteed to find the storage solution you need.

Heavy Duty

For industrial shelving to function correctly, it needs to be tough. Our shelves are the most durable and strongest available in Melbourne, with the capacity to hold a large amount of weight. Whether you need the light duty storage offered by our rolled edge shelving, which can hold 100kg per shelf, or you need the heavy-duty storage offered by cantilever, which can be configured to hold any amount of weight you need it to, we have the shelves you require. As well as being able to hold large items, our shelving will also remain strong for many years thanks to manufacturing with high-quality materials. For industrial shelving that you can rely on now and for as long as you require it, make sure you purchase from us.


The broad range of industrial shelving we offer means you are certain to find what you need in our catalogue. Our rolled edge shelving and tyre racking come in many sizes and models so they can fit in any space and serve whatever function you need them to. For heavier duty storage, our longspan, pallet racking and cantilever shelves can be configured to suit your needs in terms of weight capacity, size, and shape. This means our industrial shelving can fit in any space and serve any function.


Large shelves used for bulk storage can sometimes be unwieldly in terms of organisation and accessibility. By using us to design and supply your industrial shelving, you will be ensuring your business continues to run smoothly and remain manageable. Our extensive experience in creating the best storage solutions means we know better than anyone how to optimise space and productivity through smart design. This will allow you to save money through the time saved onloading and offloading products from shelves, and you will be able to make a greater profit as you will be able to store items more efficiently.

Get the industrial shelving that is right for your business and space by contacting our specialists on 1800 772 726 to get advice on which shelves and configurations you need to optimise your space and productivity.

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