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Bolt On Pallet Cages (1)
Bolt On Pallet Cages (2)

ALSTOR Bolt On Cage

Our ALSTOR™ bolt on Mesh Cages are a stackable transport and storage cage ideal for production, warehousing and component storage applications. All cages are bolted onto a pine pallet, have a swinging door  access and the back panel can be removed completely if needed for easy access. The 825mm high Cage is also fitted with a drop down access gate allowing easy access to the base; even when stacked. The Bolt on Cage can be transported by a Forklift or Pallet Truck, and is suitable for racking or standalone applications. Our ALSTOR™ Bolt on Cages / Pallet Cages are unique on the market with their bolt on features for extra strength and ensuring no movement.

  • Stackable and Rackable
  • Pallet Rack safe
  • 2 way forklift access
  • 2 way pallet truck access
  • Swinging Gate on all sizes
  • Half fold down gate on one side (800mm high only)


  • 300mmH
  • 500mmH
  • 825mmH

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