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ALSTOR Flammable Liquids Storage Cabinet

The All Storage range of Safety Cabinets are built to the highest quality standards. Combining safety, convenience and quality, each of these cabinets offers genuine protection with maximum efficiency.


350L – Dimensions: 860mmW x 860mmD x 1825mmH- 3 Shelves / 2 Doors

250L – Dimensions: 1100mmW x 500mmD x 1825mmH- 3 Shelves / 2 Doors

160L – Dimensions: 1100mmW x 460mmD x 1295mmH- 2 Shelves / 2 Doors

100L – Dimensions: 935mmW x 620mmD x 770mmH- 1 Shelf / 2 Doors

60L – Dimensions: 515mmW x 460mmD x 1065mmH- 2 Shelves / 1 Doors

30L – Dimensions: 515mmW x 460mmD x 770mmH- 1 Shelf / 1 Doors


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