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Bunded Pallets

All liquids stored on-site need to be safely bunded (as required by law), and in a unit which will contain at least the largest stored container, should it spill. This is now a simple matter with All Storage poly drum bunds. Available in both 2 drum and 4 drum sizes, featuring removable grating and provision for fork tynes, and made from heavy duty polyethylene for durability.


  • Ample containment capacity to meet all relevant regulations
  • Australian Made
  • UV Stable
  • Tough poly construction – resistant to most chemicals
  • Removable Fibreglass Grates for easy cleaning
  • Field test & proven
  • Nestable for transport to remote regions
  • Forklift Pockets for easy relocation of bund when empty


  • 2 Drum Bund: 1290mm x 860mm x 440mm – SWL: 500kgs
  • 4 Drum Bund: 1290mm x 1290mm x 250mm- SWL: 1000kgs

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