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Skipper Cone Barriers

Skipper – a unique purpose designed approach to traffic and facilities management. Cordon off hazardous or restricted areas indoors or outside quickly and cost effectively. Skipper’s fully retractable 9 metre tape enables all areas to be closed off using standard weight based cones. Simply fit Skipper over the top of your cone, or if you wish, Skipper can be screwed to the cone for greater security. Alternatively, using our optional wall mount bracket, Skipper can be used to block doorways, close off aisles in warehouses or anywhere that requires a fixed barrier.

Available Options:

  • 9m Tape Barrier -Red/White or Black/ Yellow
  • Wall Mount Bracket & Receiver Unit Available
  • Traffic Cone  & Cone Receiver Bracket Available
  • Post & Base Unit- Standard & Receiver Available


  • Retractable tape
  • Four way connectivity
  • Push button tape lock to prevent tampering
  • Unique belt clip allows belt to hook back onto itself
  • Tough, corrosion proof moulded housing

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