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1H-065Y Fischer Plastics Stor-Pak1H-060R Fischer Plastics Stor-Pak1H-061B Fischer Plastics Stor-Pak1H-062G Fischer Plastics Stor-Pak1H-063O Fischer Plastics Stor-Pak1H-064R Fischer Plastics Stor-Pak

Storpak Bins


  • Manufactured from tough, durable polypropylene
  • Interlocking design ensures secure stacking and prevents bins from splaying under load
  • Angled front provides easy picking access
  • Colours: Blue, Green, Red & Yellow
  • Dividers & Labels also available


  • N5: 100mmW x 115mmD x 60mmH
  • N10: 100mmW x 170mmD x 85mmH
  • N25: 133mmW x 220mmD x 125mmH
  • N60: 200mmW x 270mmD x 165mmH
  • N120: 410mmW x 275mmD x 165mmH
  • N240: 410mmW x 440mmD x 210mmH

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