Tri-Bund is today’s flexible and cost effective solution to bunding in traffic areas. Typical rigid bunding designs present a difficulty to traffic, particularly forklifts, and can increase risk of spills due to the inherent ‘bump’ factor. Tri-Bund offers the following features:
Caters to all types of traffic
Returns to original shape almost immediately after being driven over
Simple and quick to install
Highly visible yellow
Prevents spills from progressing into or out of protected areas
Durable, made from heavy duty PVC
Easy to clean
Available in one popular size of 50mm high
Bund Joiners and Adhesive Available


90 degree joiner, Polyurethane Floor Adhesive 370gsm, PVC Adhesive 500mmL, Tri-Bunding Flexible Bunding

Tri-Bunding Flexible Bunding

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