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Ultimate Heavy Duty Workbench

Ultimate Heavy Duty Workbench

Our Ultimate Heavy-Duty workbench can meet all your workshop needs, ensuring you can optimise your workspace for peak efficiency and productivity. Professionals require a sturdy, industrial workbench to get their job done to a high standard, we can provide all this and more so you can be sure you are getting the best value for money. By using the most high-quality materials, we can guarantee a reliable worktop for all your workshop needs.


Derived from pallet racking components, our Ultimate Heavy-Duty workbench is built for strength and reliability. This workbench can handle the rigours of the workshop, staying firm as you use it to chop, hammer or grind through your various projects. You will able to store your tools and machinery on the sturdy surface provided by this workbench and trust that it will not falter under the weight. With this workbench, you will be sure to have a strong and durable addition to your workshop that will last you for many years to come.


Being large and made with sturdy material, our Ultimate Heavy-Duty Workbench can be made to suit the requirements of any workshop. Suitable for packing, assembly, storage, and despatch along with other general uses, this workbench is a useful addition to any workspace in any industry. This workbench comes with a shelf that you can change and adjust as your needs change, so it will always be able to perform any function you require it to. This flexibility means the space in your workshop will always be optimised to ensure the highest possible output.


This workbench is easy to assemble and easy to adjust, you will not have the deal with complicated instructions or finicky parts after you have purchased any workbench from us. This allows you to put the Ultimate Heavy-Duty Workbench where it needs to be quickly, letting you focus more on the work you need to do to keep your workshop running.


  • Made from Pallet Racking
  • Heavy Duty
  • Includes 2 x Levels


  • Dimensions: 2400mmL x 900mmD x 900mmH

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