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Ultimate Longspan Shelving with Timber Shelves

Ultimate Longspan Shelving is strong, durable and economical solution for your storage needs. This type of shelving is ideal for products ranging from small parts to long, heavy and bulky goods. Our Ultimate Longspan Shelving is very fast and easy to assemble. It uses a modular design with a bolt-free lock-in system which requires no special tools, giving you maximum storage in minutes whatever your available space.

1800H Bays come complete with 3 Shelf Levels
2400H Bays come complete with 4 Shelf Levels

Longspan has endless applications:
Archive Storage
Schools & Colleges
Carpet Storage
Automotive Workshops
Retail Storage
Shelf Capacity: 400kg UDL
– When calculating your requirements add 60mm for each end frame
Pictured: 1 x 2400mmL & 1 x 1800mmL Bay x 600mmD x 2400mmH