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Shepp South Plaster

Month: May 2021 / Category: Warehouse Storage Fitout

The Need

Shepp South Plaster contacted All Storage Systems as they were moving into a new building that is 1/3 of the size of their previous premises. They have previously stored everything on the ground due to the lack of space at this temporary premises. Shepp South Plaster need a storage system that would fit all of their product and allow for moving, loading and unloading of the product to go to work sites.

The Solution

The team were able to supply Shepp South Plaster with 2 bays of single sided cantilever racking along the way and one double sided bay of cantilever racking that has allowed them to get their product off the floor.

The Outcome

The racking was supplied and installed and has given the premises more space and has allowed Shepp South Plaster to store their products up off the floor while still giving them the access they need.

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