3 Products to help you improve the organisation and flow of your agricultural workspace

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Organisation and flow are two things that go hand in hand and are very important in agricultural workplaces. You need a system that allows you to flow from one task to the next without interruption. If your workplace is unorganised, your flow will constantly be interrupted as you must stop and search for items that aren’t where they should be. Overall this will hurt your productivity as you will spend more time searching for things rather than doing the work that needs to be completed.

Below are 3 products that can help you improve your organisation and flow in your workplace to help you to increase your productivity. Keep reading to discover more about these products.



Using workbenches in your agricultural workplace can provide the perfect multi-purpose working space. A workbench can provide you with a workspace to make repairs on products and equipment while also providing you with a space to place orders that you have picked, ensuring you have everything before handing it over to the customer.

A workbench can also provide storage space for your tools and equipment, ensuring they are not left out to damage products or create hazards.


Small Parts Bins

Small parts bins such as Storpak Bins and Parts Trays are a great storage solution for small products like nuts, bolts, and fence clips. The bins provide greater visibility and accessibility, making the items in the bins easily identifiable so you can better manage your stock.

Small parts bins are also more long-lasting and durable than the cardboard boxes that your products typically come in. Small parts bins remove the possibility of the boxes breaking and items falling out and getting lost. Small parts bins are also a great way to organise your stock. The bins are available in multiple colours, so you can create a colour-coded system to keep all your products organised. You can also clearly label each bin, so you know what is in it and avoid items getting mixed up.


Order Picking Trolleys

Order picking trolleys are a practical and affordable solution to help you create a well-flowing system in your agricultural workplace.

Utilising order picking trolleys will allow you to simultaneously pick and move items, saving you from double handling items. They make it easy to move heavy products around, such as animal feed, saving you from injuries like back strain. They also help reduce the number of trips required to pick multiple items, as instead of picking one product at a time, you can save time by picking and moving several products using an order picking trolley.


These are just 3 of the many products available to help you create an agricultural workplace that is organised and flows well.


If you’re looking to improve the organisation and flow of your workplace, check out our full range today.

Alternatively, you can contact our expert team, who will be able to assist with any questions you may have.

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