3 storage solutions for your school, TAFE or teaching facility



Schools are busy places with students and staff scattered throughout. With this comes a large amount of equipment and work items. Therefore, it’s important that you provide adequate storage for both your students and staff to ensure items aren’t getting lost or damaged.


With a wide range of storage solutions available, making the right decision can be a hard one. To make it easier, below are a number of storage solutions that work well in schools and will cater to both staff and students.


At All Storage Systems, we have extensive experience in working with schools. We have helped many schools across Greater Shepparton and beyond upgrade their storage and furniture to create the perfect spaces for their students and staff.

Below are several items we have used to help the schools create these spaces. Keep reading to discover more.


Longspan Shelving

Longspan shelving is a versatile storage option with many uses around a school. Whether it be a high school, primary school or even a kindergarten, longspan shelving can help you increase your storage in multiple areas. Longspan shelving is available with mesh, timber or steel shelves and is great for a variety of storage options around your school.


The use of mesh longspan in your art room can provide you with the perfect drying space for your art. The mesh shelves allow for greater airflow, which will help your artwork dry. The shelving can also be great for storing your art supplies. The shelving will allow you to free up working space on your tables or workbenches, giving you more space for your students creative juices to flow.


Longspan shelving can also be a great addition to your sports equipment storage space. The shelving can allow you to organise your equipment, making it easy to find what you need. The proper storage of your sporting equipment can also allow it to last longer with less wear and tear occurring in the search process.


Schools often have large archives that must be kept for several years. The use of longspan shelving in your archive area can allow you to create a system that will make it easy to find the exact document you need without sorting through multiple boxes. Using mesh shelving for your archives can also help reduce dust accumulation and protect your archive documents.


A longspan shelving supplier can help you ensure that you are using the correct shelving for your classroom needs.



Workbenches are useful for both students and staff in your school. They can provide the perfect working space in art rooms and workshops. The workbenches will provide your students with plenty of working space, allowing them to create their masterpieces without worrying about making a mess on the desks or tables.


They are also great for your school’s maintenance staff. A workbench can provide them with a place to work, fix items and store their tools.


Workbenches can also help provide you with storage space for your equipment with many workbenches including a bottom shelf or the ability to add drawers and backboards. Creating clutter-free working spaces for your students and staff to complete their work.


Office furniture

Having plenty of storage within your classrooms is a must. Students can be messy with their stuff, so it’s important that everything and everyone has a storage space.


Using lockers is a great way to provide your students with space that is theirs to store their backpacks and items that they do not need during class time. The lockers also help keep all their personal belongings safe, with the option to add locks to the lockers.


The use of mobile trolleys in your classrooms can provide your students with a place to store their classroom items such as books, pencil cases and classroom work. The trolleys will also help to ensure that your student’s items do not get mixed up with another student.


Getting an office furniture fitout can allow you to better understand the requirements for your classroom and ensure that you have the right amount of storage space.



These are just a few easy ways to increase your storage facilities around your school.

All Storage Systems are a trusted longspan supplier and can help you with all your storage needs including office furniture fits outs. For more information explore our range of office storage.

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