4 Key Reasons for Optimising Your Medical Storage

4 Key Reasons for Optimising Your Medical Storage


Time is always of the essence in a hospital or medical environment and workplace health and safety is of the utmost importance. How your medications and equipment are stored can make a vast difference to the safety and efficiency of the way your hospital or medical centre functions.

Is your storage system optimised for the unique requirements of your space? It’s probably not something you think about all the time but rethinking your medical storage can reap rewards that are well worth the effort.

Shelving and storage needs often change over time, rendering your old storage system out of touch with what you need now! It’s time to stop making do with the old and start thinking about the multitude of benefits you can unlock by updating your medical storage systems.

Here are the key benefits you can achieve by utilising All Storage Solutions’ Cleanspan wire shelving and trolley options. We provide full start to finish service on your customised solution from consultation to installation.

1. OH&S

Does your current medical storage system comply with occupational health and safety regulations? The way you set up your shelving directly affects the OH&S behaviours of your staff. Considerations like shelf height, depth and placement can either help or hinder safe lifting and manual handling practices.

The Cleanspan chrome wire shelving is available in a wide range of sizes and shelf heights to enable safe access in spaces of any size or shape. Each shelf can safely hold up to 150kg of supplies or linen. These shelves are available as a static bay and can also be customised as a mobile bay by adding castors.

2. Infection Control

Shelving and storage systems are an important part of meeting infection control standards in any hospital or medical environment. Our Cleanspan chrome wire shelves, overhead rails and trolleys provide adequate airflow to facilitate safe storage in sterile environments.

Another benefit of the increased airflow allowed by our Cleanspan shelves is that they provide the perfect environment for safely storing linen and personal protective equipment. Our metal construction dissipates static electricity and eliminates dust.

3. Streamlined Access

The Cleanspan range of shelves and trolleys are fully customisable, adjustable and moveable to allow streamlined access to your essential medical supplies. Unlike many storage offerings, with Cleanspan you can customise everything from dimensions to ledges and our five different sizes of ALSTOR wire baskets. Our adjustable ticket stripping makes it easy to identify what you need quickly and efficiently, giving you back more time to focus on patient care.

Transporting items within sterile areas becomes easy with the Cleanspan trolley. The two lockable castors per trolley are fitted with buffers to prevent damage to your walls and equipment.

4. Maximise Your Space with a Customised Solution

At All Storage we offer a complete design service to help you maximise how much you can store in the space you have available. Our Cleanspan overhead rail units are ideal for creating a high density of storage in a sterile environment with limited space. As the population around your hospital or medial facility grows, utilising a floor to ceiling solution will help you keep up with increased storage capacity needs.

Need help planning an upgrade to your medical storage?Consult an expert at All Storage Systems.

At All Storage Systems, we strive to help businesses improve workplace efficiencies. Our team of specialists can design the perfect shelving and storage systems to suit your needs. Contact our sales team on 1800 772 726 or email us at sales@allstoragesystems.com.au for advice, to book an audit or to organise a FREE fitout consultation.

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