6 Ways to Make Your Waiting Room More Inviting

Waiting rooms can be a major pain point in the patient experience, especially if wait times are longer than anticipated, often there’s nowhere comfortable to sit and if it weren’t for smart-phones we’d have nothing interesting to look at or do!

While some elements may be out of your control, there are many ways to make visits to your clinic waiting room a little more enjoyable:

1. Focus on Décor & Design

When it comes to retaining patients, first impressions make all the difference. Forget sterile white walls and fluorescent lights, instead focus on décor that creates a warm and welcoming environment.

Making your clinic look more homely can help patients feel more at ease. One of the easiest ways to liven up your waiting area is by placing artwork on the walls.

Consider artworks with cool colours like blue or green for a calming effect, and pink or orange for a warming effect. If you want to add a community feel to your clinic, opt for local artists!

2. Add Greenery

Plants have long been known to have healing and calming properties. Some healthcare facilities are going as far as creating gardens and outdoor areas where patients can sit and relax while they wait for their appointment or treatment.

However, indoor plants can also be used as a decorative feature, splash of colour and even as air purifiers in waiting rooms. Devil’s Ivy, Peace Lilies and Spider plants are great for promoting clean air and healthy living in enclosed spaces.

3. Use Active Furniture Arrangements

Active seating is highly beneficial for waiting rooms as they need to accommodate various people. For instance, some people may require more privacy while families and groups may want to sit close together.

Allowing patients to reorganise the furniture is practical and adds another level of comfort to their experience. At All Storage Systems we have a wide range of high quality and comfortable seating including, beam seating, movable stools and ottomans for you to choose from.

4. Integrate Technology

Offering free Wi-Fi and phone charging stations are another great way to keep patients satisfied.  However, clinics can also adopt self-check-in kiosks to fast track front office admin work and reduce patient waiting times.

Similarly, IPads can be used to distribute health information, or provide games and entertainment for patients.

5. Provide Appropriate Entertainment

Televisions and music are traditionally used in waiting rooms, however, the volume control needs to be monitored as some patients can become stressed by loud or repetitive noises. This can be avoided by using subtitles and opting for soothing music.

If you plan on having magazines and books, ensure they’re up-to-date, relevant and there is a selection to choose from. IPads are a great substitute as they can hold a wide variety of current entertainment for everyone!

For children, it is best to offer a separate area with games, books and colouring notebooks to keep them entertained and help prevent disturbing the other patients.

6. Offer Unexpected Amenities & Luxuries

Unexpected amenities can immediately enhance a patients’ experiences and set your clinic apart from another.

These can be as simple as offering complimentary drinks, having a coffee and tea station, snacks or going as far as having massage chairs! Patients love being pampered and extra amenities show that you are willing to go above and beyond to care for them.

If you’re looking to fitout a new waiting room, All Storage Systems have many furniture options available for you. To find out more information on upgrading your waiting room, talk to our friendly team on 1800 772 726 or email sales@allstoragestystems.com.au.

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