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Whether you are an agricultural supplier or a farmer, you require a storage solution for your agricultural products. From farming tools to machinery, chemicals to produce, there are a wide range of materials that need to be stored when working in an agricultural setting. Agricultural storage also needs to be dynamic so products can be easily picked and moved during peak seasons, and safely stored away for long periods of time afterwards. These factors can make creating the perfect storage solution for your business difficult, but with the right shelving and equipment you can make your storage space the most space efficient and easily manageable in town. See below for our favourite agricultural storage options.

1. Pallet Racking

Anyone who is wanting to get the most out of their agricultural storage space would benefit from looking into a dynamic solution such as pallet racking. When storing large quantities on pallets, pallet racking is a fantastic option if you want to efficiently use your space and allow the easy picking of products. A well-designed pallet racking system will maximise the storage area in your shed or warehouse as it allows for floor to ceiling storage and can be made to fit into any space. Pallet racking can take a lot of product because it can take a lot of weight, but no matter how much it takes on, these systems still allow you to pick and move stock quickly and easily.

2. Stock Picking Trolleys

Having stock picking trolleys is a necessity for any large storage space if you want to at some point move stock around, so it is important you purchase trolleys that suit your needs and will remain in good working condition for a long time. The perfect trolley will be large enough to fit the stock you want to move, manoeuvrable enough to be able to zip between shelves, and sturdy enough to trust it when moving precious cargo. Once  you have identified the trolley you need, make sure you have more than one to eliminate the need to wait while loading and unloading trolleys, this will maximise efficiency.

3. Longspan Shelving

If you are wanting versatility in your storage options, then longspan shelving is the way to go. Available with mesh, steel or timber shelves, a longspan shelving system is capable of holding stock of all shapes, sizes and weights. Able to be reconfigured to fit any space, longspan shelves are able to change to suit your storage needs. As someone who works in the agricultural industry, you are well aware of how storage needs change along with the seasons, this is why having flexible, heavy-duty shelving is a must in any cleverly designed agricultural storage space.

4. Bunding

Many liquid chemicals stored on site are required by law to be safely bunded, so an appropriate agricultural storage area should always include a bunding system. Depending on what is required of the liquids being stored, there are multiple storage solutions you can consider.

  • Bunded shelving: For compact storage of high-use chemicals on-site you cannot look past bunded shelving. Shelving meets all the requirements for safe chemical storage, while also allowing the chemicals to remain easily seen and accessed.
  • Low profile bund system: A low profile bund system is ideal for the storage of drums requiring frequent handling, by staying close to the ground this storage option ensures an easy process for loading and unloading drums.
  • Bunded pallets: For chemicals requiring frequent moving around the site or between sites, bunded pallets offer the perfect solution. With heaps of containment capacity, these pallets are nestable for safe transport and forklift pockets for easy relocation.
  • Tri-bunding: Safe bunding in a high-traffic area requires the tri-bund – the most flexible and cost-effective bunding system in Australia. This bunding can take a knock, will return to its original shape after being driven over, and prevents spills from travelling into or out of protected areas.

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