Choosing the Right Shelving for Your Workplace


Finding the correct storage solution for your workplace is paramount to keeping workspaces organised and efficient. There are multiple factors you need to consider when choosing the type of shelving to invest in, including:

  • The size of your space
  • The number of items requiring storage
  • The weight of items requiring storage
  • The variety of items requiring storage
  • Product turnover times

You need to have a good idea of how you need your storage system to function before you purchase new shelving. If you are having trouble figuring out exactly what you need, you can contact a specialist to help you. Once you know what you need, picking the right shelving for you is easy. See below for our favourite storage options for workplaces.

  1. Pallet Racking

Pallet racking is fantastic as it is an efficient storage system that allows you to optimise your available space whilst storing a high volume of stock. Ideal for warehouse storage, pallet racking can handle heavy loads and large quantities without compromising on moveability. Another bonus with pallet racking is its flexibility, this type of shelving can be designed to fit into any space and, once installed, is capable of holding a variety of different items so it can accommodate changes in your business.

  1. Cantilever Racking

If you need to store items that are long, awkward and oversized, then a good solution for you may be cantilever racking. This racking is suitable for pipes, tubing, plywood, pallets, structural members, and much more. Cantilever racking can effectively store goods that would otherwise be difficult and space consuming. Much like pallet racking, cantilever racking can take a lot of weight and can be designed to fit in your workplace’s designated storage area.

  1. Vertical Racking

For vertical storage, you cannot look past vertical racking. Similar to cantilever racking, vertical racking is ideal for long and awkward goods like timber and conduit. Vertical racking is a good solution for workplaces that do not have large storage areas but do have a high enough roof to accommodate the vertical storage of long items.

  1. Push Back Racking

Push back shelving is a great solution for workplaces that require a very high-density storage solution as a push back system can increase storage capacity by 90% by eliminating the need for large spaces between pallets. This shelving system also makes forklifts easier and safer to use in the warehouse as forklift operators will not need to enter the rack system or move any items other than what they are picking. As an added bonus, by removing the need for forklifts to move between racks, the likelihood of your racking system being bumped and damaged will be significantly reduced.

  1. Drive-In Racking

Drive-in racking is another good solution for high density storage, it is ideal for workplaces that store large quantities of similar goods but have limited storage space. This storage system allows drivers to enter the racking system with their forklifts and pallet trucks to unload or retrieve items, meaning you can store goods more deeply.

Needing new shelving for your workplace? Consult an expert at All Storage Systems.

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