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For maximum profitability, e-commerce businesses need a warehouse storage system with a large capacity and ability to be picked from easily and efficiently. Warehousing can present many problems for businesses that are growing, there are many considerations that need to be made when figuring out an e-commerce warehouse storage solution, including:

  • The available storage space, which may be outgrown as your business develops
  • Staff numbers and expertise, complicated storage systems are untenable when you need to train staff to understand them
  • Moveability of stock, a successful business will have very fast stock turnaround so your storage system and moving equipment needs to be designed to accommodate this

We understand the ins and outs of e-commerce warehousing, so here’s our list of the best solutions for warehouse storage!

1. Longspan Shelving

Longspan shelving has long been a favourite for mass storage as it is versatile and durable. This shelving system can hold a considerable amount of weight without taking up too much space, making it great for efficiently storing large quantities of stock. Available with timber, mesh, and steel shelves, longspan shelving is extremely customisable and can be reconfigured to fit in any space. When designed correctly, a longspan shelving system can greatly enhance storage capacity and efficiency when picking stock, making it the best storage solution for e-commerce businesses wanting to keep and move a lot of stock. As an added benefit, longspan shelves are always in stock, so lead times on orders are very quick.

2. Stock Picking Trolleys

To move large numbers of smaller products from storage to be distributed, you need a reliable stock trolley that is tough enough to take on a fair bit of weight but still easily manoeuvrable so you can quickly move it between shelves. Depending on the size of your operation, you will need a number of stock picking trolleys to ensure you don’t have employees wasting time by needing to wait for a trolley to be unloaded before they can pick more stock. If you have multiple trolleys on the go, it’s important to design a shelving system to accommodate them: make sure the space between shelves is enough to fit two trolleys, or else create a system in your warehouse that encourages movement in one direction.

3. Mezzanine Floors

Having a mezzanine floor is a great way to make use of empty overhead space, turning what was nothing into optimal storage space. These extra floors are typically designed to be semi-permanent and can be disassembled and reassembled depending on your needs, making them a flexible storage solution that works with the ebbs and flows of your business. Some mezzanine floors can be built to be freestanding, not relying on existing infrastructure, which means you can take it down and move it if you decide to change warehouse locations.

4. Activity Racks

Activity racks are a great storage solution for small parts and products, taking up minimal space whilst ensuring no stock gets lost. The storage bins are made from tough polypropylene, so they are a durable and trustworthy storage solution. Activity racks are angled to allow for quick and easy picking, and these units can be either static or mobile, so they are versatile in both their use and positioning within the warehouse. This is the flexibility and organisation you need in order to keep your warehouse running efficiently.

5. Pallet Jacks

You will need a pallet jack when moving larger stock items and pallets. It is important you get a jack that can handle a lot of weight and is reliable, having a pallet jack breakdown in the middle of a busy workday will create a backlog of work and result in profit loss. When considering which jack to buy, you should think about the weight you will be needing to move around and the size of your warehouse. Having a pallet that is agile and user friendly will be a boon for your business, allowing you to move more stock without risking worker safety.

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