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Offices can be chaotic environments, but this chaos should never make its way into your storage cabinets. A well-organised storage system is key for a well-functioning workplace because time spent searching for an item is time wasted. There are numerous office storage options, finding the right one for your business will make your office more efficient and productive. To figure out which office storage option is best suited for your workplace, you need to ask yourself the following questions:

  • What requires storing?
  • How much needs to be stored?
  • How much space is available?

Alternatively, you can contact an expert at All Storage Systems. We can take you through all your options, so you can have confidence that you are making the right choice for your office. To get you started on your journey to a better storage solution, we have compiled this list of fantastic office storage options.

Tambour Door Cabinets

When storing basic office supplies, cabinets are the most obvious choice. They are versatile, come in a range of styles, and will remain functional for years. However, not all cabinets are the same, so you need to have a good understanding of what you need before you commit to a purchase. For offices that are busy or short on space, we would strongly recommend cabinets with tambour doors, like those offered by ALSTOR and Stronghold.

Tambour door cabinets are excellent as the doors open on a sliding track, making them very space-efficient as you will no longer need to leave additional room for a hinged door. Space efficiency aside, these cabinets also look sleek and professional, making them a stylish addition for any office.


For offices with many files requiring storage but limited space, compactors are the perfect solution. Compactors, otherwise referred to as mobile storage units, are an alternative to filing cabinets consisting of shelving mounted on tracks to give you full access without taking up too much space. Compared to other file storage systems, compactors can increase available floorspace by up to 50%, making them an economical choice.

If you are worried about where a compactor could fit in your office, then fret not, as compactors are highly modifiable. You can choose the length of the track, configure the storage area to suit your specific needs, and compactors come in both longitudinal and traverse styles. Clearly, compactors can fit in any office space.

Filing Cabinets

For offices with plenty of space and wanting a more conventional method of file storage, there are many filing cabinet options. The main distinguishing factor between types of the filing cabinets is whether they are vertical or lateral, so which option is better for your office?

Vertical, or normal, filing cabinets are the most common filing system for offices and are likely what you imagine when you think of filing cabinets. This filing system usually requires deep, pull-out drawers to allow the files to hang, and tabs are used to help you keep track of each file. Vertical cabinets offer the easiest solution for filing new items in alphabetical order and they work best in offices with plenty of vertical space.

Lateral filing cabinets require a slightly different system for organising files, as files are stored horizontally and are identifiable via a label on the side edge. Although this change may seem daunting, it can be worth it as lateral systems are more space-efficient and, once you have adapted to the change, files become easier to identify and thus faster to find.

The type of filing cabinet that works best for you is dependant on what your business is. If your office handles hundreds of files that require quick and easy access, then a lateral system may be the better option. If you operate a smaller business, then a vertical system could work well for you. If you are unsure which is the best option, you can always contact a storage expert at All Storage Systems.

Needing a better solution for office storage? Consult an expert at All Storage Systems.

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