How to achieve the perfect ratio of working and storage space in your workshop

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When it comes to fixing vehicles every little part matters. Losing a part can result in many mistakes, including vehicles not starting, rattling, unsafe vehicles and unhappy customers. That’s why you must have a storage solution that will allow you to store all your tyres, tyre nuts and spare parts properly and avoid any important items getting lost.

When deciding on your storage solution, you also need to consider the ratio of your working space to storage space as you want an even balance so you can have both without one taking over the other. As every vehicle has different parts, your storage solution should also be able to cater for parts of different shapes and sizes, eliminating the need for multiple storage solutions that will take up your working space.

You also need a working surface that will allow you to work on heavy, non-flat parts without causing damage to your surface or your parts. Using a work surface that includes storage can also help you optimise your storage space, ensuring you are not using more space than you need.

Below are a few storage solutions that will allow you to achieve the perfect ratio of working and storage space. Keep reading to discover more.


Tyre Racking

Using tyre racking to store your tyres is a great way to ensure that you always have easy access to your tyres. Tyre racking allows you to employ, if you like a first in, first out system allowing you to use your older stock rather than newer stock. Alternatively, if you are to store your tyres in a stack on the floor, it makes it harder to get the older stock out, so you end up using your newer stock first. Storing your tyres in stacks also means that your tyres are not getting rotated and will start to collect dust and cobwebs. This creates more work as you will have to clean the tyres before use. Tyre racking also allows you to store your tyres safely. The racking keeps all your tyres safe and secure, eliminating the chance of the stack being knocked over and causing injury.


Heavy Duty Workbenches

Your working space is also a key factor you should consider, along with your storage space. Not only do you need to ensure that you have enough, but you also need to ensure that the surface you work on will be able to handle your work. Workbenches are a great solution that combines working space with storage space. A great option for your workshop is the heavy duty workbench. As the name says, the heavy duty workbench is designed for heavy duty use. With a 25mm MDF bench top, the heavy duty workbench can handle all your heavy spare parts and tyres. The bonus of using the heavy duty workbench is that it has 16mm MDF shelves, which adds extra storage space for your tools and equipment, meaning you don’t have to use your spare parts storage to store them.


Spare Parts Storage

Spare parts are one of the most frequently used items when working on a vehicle, so they must be stored correctly to avoid them getting lost. With many storage solutions suitable for your spare parts, you should consider a few things before deciding which one to use.

The size of your spare parts is one of the main factors you should consider when selecting your storage solution. Ideally, you will want a versatile solution that will allow you to store both small and large parts, eliminating the need for multiple storage solutions. A great versatile storage option is an activity rack. Activity racks allow you to store everything in tubs giving you easy access to your spare parts. The activity racks are available with single-sized tubs or as a combination rack which includes shelves that you can hold tubs or bins for smaller items or store any items that don’t fit in the included tubs. The racks help you utilise some of your wasted vertical space by turning it into a vertical storage space, helping you maximise your warehouse storage space. Activity racks are also available as mobile units making it easy to move them around to be close to where they are needed.


Another factor is how frequently you will need access to your spare parts. If you constantly need access to your spare parts while working, you should consider a mobile storage solution. Mobile storage solutions allow you to take what you need with you no matter where you are in the workshop, eliminating the need to walk backwards and forwards to get what you need. A great mobile storage option is the hanger rack trolley. The trolley is not only a convenient way to store your spare parts but also any tools and equipment you may need. The hanger rack trolley can help ensure everything you need is close by, helping to increase your efficiency. They can also help maximise workshop space as there is no need for multiple storage solutions storing the same thing across your workshop as you can take what you need with you.


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