How to Efficiently Upgrade your Workplace Break Space

There is an abundance of evidence that suggests the most productive workers are those who take regular breaks during the day. Coffee breaks, lunch breaks, snack breaks, or even just 15 minutes away from their workstations can significantly improve workers’ efficiency, mental well-being, and overall performance. These breaks will also save your business money as they help prevent worker burnout, meaning fewer sick days and higher worker retention. This is why every workplace needs a decent break area, but do not fret if your breakroom is not up to scratch! Here are some simple tricks to upgrade your workplace’s break space without breaking the bank.

1. Use Flexible Furniture

Allow some flexibility in the break space’s layout by investing in furniture that is multifunctional and easily moveable. Having tables that can serve a number of different purposes will give your workers a little bit of extra freedom with what they can do in the breakroom. Tables that can be easily moved will allow workers to rearrange the furniture so they can initiate large group discussions over lunch by placing all the tables together, or get in some quiet reading time by separating a table and placing it in the corner of the room. Easily stackable chairs are another great way to allow employees to make the break space their own and tailor it to their needs on any given day.

2. Incorporate More Colour

As well as looking good, having pops of colour throughout your break space will help improve your workers’ moods, motivation, and overall productivity. This may sound strange, but the link between colour and emotion is well proven and you should use it to your advantage by incorporating colours into your break area. The most effective way to do this is to buy colourful chairs to populate your break room, the ACTI range is particularly good for this, but you do not need to go as far as throwing out all your old furniture in order to get more colour into your break space. Pinboards can act as an easy solution to add colour as they are cost effective and allow you to pin-up art and posters that you can regularly change without damaging the wall. Another great way to add colour is to invest in framed wall art, which will serve the dual purpose of adding colour and giving your workers something interesting to look at while they are enjoying some time away from their workspace.

3. Add Privacy

Although it is always best practice to design environments in the workplace that encourage collaboration and team building, there will always be days when your workers need some time alone. Allow your break space to serve as a retreat away from the hustle and bustle of the busy work area by installing slatwalls, screens and partitions. You may not be able to entirely soundproof these private areas without building a new wall, but simply having a space where one cannot see the workplace can be very helpful for those who wish for some alone time. Include a comfortable chair and this private area will be a welcomed retreat for your workers.

4. Embrace Home Comforts

For a truly reinvigorating break, workers must feel they are completely disconnected from their work tasks. This can be difficult to achieve in a workplace, but there are some easy steps you can take to create a comfortable break space. Firstly, make sure you have comfortable seating, a couch or lounge chair with pillows will be a great place for workers to relax and recover during the working day. Adding shelving units to break areas can also help create a more homey feeling, allowing your workers to fill them with their favourite books, games and pictures from work parties will make the space more personal, allowing your staff to feel a sense of belonging and ownership within the break area. Finally, populating the space with houseplants is an easy way to make the space feel livelier and more comfortable, plants are also a great way to add colour to the space.

Need help planning an upgrade to your break space? Consult an expert at All Storage Systems.

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We’ve worked with clients across a range of industries to create inspiring workplaces. Let us help you transform your office or retail space. Request a consultation now. We’ve worked with clients across a range of industries to create inspiring workplaces. Let us help you transform your office or retail space. Request a consultation now.

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