Last-Minute Office Supplies for 2021

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2021 is well under way and, after a long stint at home, more and more workers are beginning to make their way back into the office. This is welcome news, but are you truly prepared for the coming work year? To get the most out of your staff in the coming months, you should consider refreshing the workspace with these last-minute office supplies.

1. Office Chairs

Improving the  productivity and efficiency  of your office may be as simple as upgrading the chairs you are providing for your staff. On average, office chairs usually need to be replaced at least once every five years, higher quality chairs can be expected to last as long as ten years. When buying chairs for a whole office, you could be tempted to buy lower quality products in order to cost cut but doing this will result in higher chair turnover and a lower quality work life for your employees. So, now that people are back in the office, you should think about the quality of your office chairs and ask yourself: Are these chairs helping or hindering my business?

If your workers are experiencing aches and pains during the day, if your chairs are fraying at the edges or becoming stiff, if they your chairs are aesthetically displeasing and do not fit your desired look, then you need new chairs. As a general rule, you should make sure the whole office has a single chair design, so consider investing in ergonomic chairs to optimise employee comfort and health.

2. Desks

Much like chairs, desks can have a direct impact on the productivity and comfort of you and your employees. You want to ensure that the desks in your office are at a height that encourages good posture, height adjustable desks are ideal for this purpose. An ideal desk will also have enough space on it to hold all your necessary work materials without becoming cluttered – a clean and organised desk will promote productivity and help maintain a professional working atmosphere.

Beyond the desks themselves, you should also be thinking about the desk configuration of your office. Is your current layout conducive to your office’s goals? Desk placement can drastically affect how people work, be it through enhancing collaboration, encouraging focus, or allowing privacy. Re-arranging an office space is a large task, if you believe your office is in need of a refresh you should consult an expert and consider getting a new office fitout.

3. Screens and Partitions

You can create new spaces within your office and enhance privacy without needing to renovate the building your workplace is housed in. Screens and partitions are a flexible, cost effective and practical solution that will allow you to create open and closed areas of your office in a manner of minutes. The ability to section off areas of your office space at will is desirable as some tasks require an additional level of privacy that cannot be achieved in an open plan office. Screens and partitions can also be used to limit distraction and noise during crunch times.

4. Ergonomic Accessories

The quickest and most cost-effective way to increase the safety and comfort of your employees whilst they are in the office is to invest in ergonomic accessories. Although sitting at one’s desk may not seem like an injury inducing activity, the hours spent stationary with poor posture add up to create back, neck and shoulder pain. Discomfort arising from these maladies will decrease productivity and increase sick days. Ergonomic accessories are a great solution to this problem as they address the primary factors leading to poor posture and can be adjusted to suit individual workers. Laptop risers can be used to keep laptops at eye level, footrests can be used to improve posture whilst sitting, and monitor arms can allow flexibility in monitor height and position.

5. Electronic Rapid Risers

The benefits of standing desks are well known, from reducing back pain to enhancing energy levels, standing desks are clearly advantageous in an office. If your office has already been fitted with fixed height desks but you want your employees to reap the rewards of standing desks, then electronic rapid risers are perfect for you. This desk accessory will allow you to adjust the height of laptops, monitors and keyboard, imitating a standing desk without requiring you to completely replace your current desking system.

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