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Open learning spaces are becoming increasingly popular throughout Australia. NSW Education Minister, Rob Stokes, announced that preference would be given to open-plan learning classrooms for much of the state’s 100-plus new schools.

Meanwhile the Victorian Government is embracing the flexibility and versatility that open learning spaces have to offer. They have stated, ‘We need a rich variety of spaces in our schools because students learn in different ways and need to do a range of activities in education.’

With open learning spaces gradually becoming a permanent fixture in educational facilities such as schools library’s and Tafes across Australia, consideration must be made towards the individual needs of both students and teachers, if an open learning space is to be successful.

Here are just a few useful design tips to consider when designing and fitting out your open learning spaces.

Comfort and practicality

Striking the right balance between creating a comfortable and practical setting is vital to a successful open plan learning space.

Modular desk systems are a great way for students to be split into groups and collaborate on different activities in a confined, yet still open, setting. They’re also ideal for setting up computer workstations, with the built-in panels of the Aero and Anvil Desking Systems that help reduce noise and create some privacy.

Screens and wall partitions also help split up open learning spaces into neat, compartmentalised areas. The Mobile Partitions make it easy to divide up open learning spaces into sections, while still retaining the visibility and openness of the open plan learning space.

Storage solutions

Just like a traditional classroom, teachers and students need secure and easily accessible storage systems for their personal belongings, stationary, documents, and equipment.

Bookcases neatly displayed in rows or as wall displays allow students to quickly access their favourite novels and textbooks. Meanwhile ALSTOR Storage Lockers with a cam lock system provide safe and secure storage for students, complete with index name card holders for easy identification.

And for teachers, useful storage solutions like Filing Systems and Storage Cabinets can be strategically placed near their desks, providing quick and easy access to student files and documents plus stationary for day-to-day activities.

Collaborative furniture

One of the greatest advantages of open learning spaces is the potential for greater group collaboration and equal participation between all students.

When partitioned into key sections of a room, furniture like Boardroom Tables and Meeting Tables make it easier for students to come together, share ideas, collaborate, and work to achieve successful outcomes.

You can even pair these tables with walls and partitions to neatly divide rooms, enabling students to focus with greater ease.

Acoustics for noise control

Strategically placed Velour Pinboards and Corkboards around a classroom can help absorb noise, enabling teachers and students to communicate with each other more clearly and effectively.

Made of soft and durable fabric and cork material, the boards prevent sound from bouncing off the surface and spreading across the room, thereby, making it easier for students to focus and listen and easier for teachers to deliver learning material.

These are just some of the many open learning space design ideas you can incorporate into your classroom.

For more information about the many open learning products, furniture, and accessories we provide at All Storage Systems, contact us today. Our friendly and knowledgeable team will be happy to discuss your unique educational fitout requirements and recommend the best solutions for you.

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