Organising your Automotive Workshop

Organising your Automotive Workshop

Automotive workshops face several challenges throughout an ordinary workday. Not only do mechanics have a responsibility to ensure every vehicle is serviced properly, you need to manage various projects at once, provide quick turnarounds for customers and all the while endure the physical strain of operating heavy duty equipment.

It’s essential for every workshop to remain organised throughout the daily grind to help boost productivity and employee satisfaction, as well as improve health and safety.

Organising your automotive workshop doesn’t have to be complicated. Making just a few simple changes in your workspace can get your operations in order in no time.

Here are three ways you can make everything easier and more efficient in your auto shop:

1. Clear Up Floor Space

Floor space is extremely valuable in an auto shop. The more floor space you can clear up, the better! You’ll then find operations will naturally start to flow more efficiently in your workshop. You need to provide enough space to manage large vehicles, store equipment and leave room for your employees to navigate around each other.

One of the best ways you can optimise floor space is by making use of wasted air space. Longspan Shelving is ideal for long, awkward shaped and oversized car parts. It’s also easily accessible and comes in various heights and depths, to suit the size of your workshop.

2. Store your Tools Away

It’s easy in a fast-paced environment like an auto shop for items to be misplaced from time to time. This especially applies to small tools which are used interchangeably during car repair operations. If your tools are going missing or turning up in the wrong area on a regular basis, this can slow down outputs in your workshop, and negatively impact your business.

One of the simplest ways to manage your automotive tools is by investing in small parts storage systems. Small storage systems can help you find your tools much quicker and protect them from wear and tear. Many tools can be expensive but when they are cared for properly, they can last a lifetime which can keep costs down. You can store tools based on size or how frequently they are used. Check out the 5 Best Warehouse Storage Solutions for Small Items and see what would work best for your business.

3. Create Designated Areas

Establishing designated areas in your workshop can help improve your work turnarounds and impress customers. You need to create areas which efficiently facilitate all facets of your business. It should include areas for:

  • short-term and long-term vehicle repairs;
  • spare parts and tyres storage;
  • a fitted customer service waiting room;
  • a back of house office for administrative tasks;
  • a break area and changing room for your employees.

Your workshop needs to be designed to benefit both your staff and customers. Keeping these areas separate can help you compartmentalise and organise all aspects of your business more efficiently. It can assist with tracking staff productivity as well as inventory, which working together assures that high-quality standards of services are being met.

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