Our favourite products to help make your educational workspace more productive, engaging, and rewarding


Educational workspaces like schools, TAFEs, universities, and adult training centres need to be adaptable in order to teach a wide variety of students and provide the best possible learning outcomes.

However, knowing which products, technology, and furniture is suitable for your workspace and student’s unique needs can be tricky.

To assist with your educational fit out, here are 9 useful products that can help your teachers deliver their materials more effectively, and ensure that students get the most out of each lesson.


Mobile Whiteboard

For a classic whiteboard with all the essentials, look no further than a Mobile Whiteboard. The double-sided magnetic surface is easy to write on and clean. And the locking castors let you lock the board into a variety of writing positions. Plus, the built-in pen tray makes it easy to access your stationary goods, while the wheels allow for quick transport and storage.

Electric Whiteboard

Looking for something a bit more advanced? Consider an Electronic Whiteboard. The two-screen colour electronic copyboard comes with an inkjet printer, so you can print out notes and save digital copies on to a USB. Also, the whiteboard itself is easy to set up as there is no software to install, so you just need to plug it in and you’re good to go.

Agile Mobile Tablet Whiteboard

Great for collaborating on group projects, Agile Mobile Tablet Whiteboard is a large whiteboard with 12 small double-sided tablets, which are hung directly on the large whiteboard. Distribute the double-sided tablets among your students, and they can take notes, prepare presentations, and brainstorm together to in a fun and engaging way.


School Term Planner

The School Term Planner School Term Planner has a laminated surface with permanent lines, split into categories including: days of the week, number of weeks (denoted to 11 weeks, the average length for a single school term), and terms from 1 to 4. With this preset template, you can quickly and easily set out the order of events for an entire year.

Month Planner

Prefer a more traditional calendar? Get yourself a Month Planner. With permanent graphics that won’t rub off and a magnetic surface, you can easily plan the month ahead, and, when the new month rolls over, simply rub off the old material and start a new month.


Velour Pinboard

Made of soft velour fabric, the Velour Pinboard features a durable aluminium frame and can be mounted in portrait or landscape.

Unwrapped Pinboard

Without an aluminium frame, the Unwrapped Pinboard can be fixed to all kinds of wall surfaces, including gyprock and brick, with a stainless steel screw cap fixing kit and secured to the environmentally-friendly bioboard backing.


ACTI Sled Chair

A comfortable and durable chair, the ACTI Sled Chair has a flexible back that allows for fluid movement while seated. The stainless steel legs are highly durable, ensuring they stay strong even after extended, daily usage. Plus, you can choose from a range of design options, including the colour of the frame, shell, and seat pad.


Mobile Metal Frame Tote Trolley

Ideal for art rooms, classrooms, and home economics areas, the Mobile Metal Frame Tote Trolley Mobile Metal Frame Tote Trolley is a versatile storage and transport solution. You can choose to order with 5, 10, or 15 tubs, which enables you to store and transport a wide range of classroom, cooking, and stationary goods. Plus, the modular nature of the trolley means you can store tubs of varying sizes.


Outdoor Seating

SeatsPlus – Aluminium Outdoor Seating Specialists

Aluminium outdoor seating is the ideal solution for your learning facility to introduce outdoor learning for students. Not only is aluminium seating cost-effective, it is also super easy to clean and sanitise in between use. Increase time in the fresh air and sunshine, socially distance and keep students engaged.

Check out www.seatsplus.com.au for a great range of outdoor aluminium seating and transition your classroom to outdoors.


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