Our Top 5 Rural & Agricultural Storage Options

When working in a rural setting, it is important to store all your equipment correctly to keep it organised and in top condition. If your current storage system is wobbly, falling to bits, or no longer suits your business, it’s time for a storage upgrade. Even if you think your current storage system is working well, it’s always smart to re-evaluate your system as the right storage can make your working space more functional and productive. From the small nuts and bolts to the large tools, we have the storage solution for you! Here are our top storage options for our rural and agricultural business customers.

1. Small Parts Storage

The smallest items are the easiest to lose! By utilising our Storpak Bins or our Parts Trays you can save yourself the time you usually spend hunting down your small parts and optimise your storage space. Both come in a range of colours and sizes so they will suit any space you put them in.

Made from tough, durable polypropylene, the interlocking design of the Storpak Bins means you can stack them securely and you will never have to worry about them splaying under a heavy load. The angled front of these colourful bins also allows for easy picking access, and with dividers and labels available, you can make sure all your small parts are identifiable and organised.

Our Parts Trays are strong, durable and lightweight, able to effectively store a large range of components. The integral hand-grip panel makes moving these trays easy and the labelling facility is simple to change so you can switch up the contents of these trays quickly depending on your needs. With internal dividers included in each tray, this small parts storage option is perfect for keeping you organised.

2. Pallet Racking

Perfect for the storage of bulk items, pallet racking is what you need to save space while storing large quantities. All Storage Systems have an abundance of pallet racking options, so we can provide a custom solution to all of your storage needs. With our experience in design and reputation as a leading specialist in pallet racking, we can help you personalise your racking to suit your business and space. We will work closely with you to create a system that optimises space and storage in the most cost-effective way, saving you money and time.

3. Maxi Activity Rack

Perfect for quick picking and the storage of larger parts, our Maxi Activity Rack will optimise your space and increase your productivity. These racks can come as static or mobile units, giving you the versatility you need when running your business. Coming with 12 stack and nest crates, these racks have a large storage capacity while giving you the ability to neatly organise your parts. Sturdy and durable, the Maxi Activity Rack is a trustworthy storage solution.

4. All Terrain Scissor Lift Trolly

Suitable for uneven areas and capable of lifting up to 200kg, the All Terrain Scissor Lift Trolley is what you need to transport materials around your property and onto vehicles. The positive braking system on the rear wheels makes moving around safe while the foot operation lift for the table makes onloading and offloading a breeze. This is a must-have item for any rural or agricultural business.

5. Longspan & Rolled Edge Shelving

Our shelving products are crowd-pleasers for their versatility and durability, they can store anything you need for however long you need. Longpan Shelving and Rolled Edge Shelving both serve a multitude of functions and can provide the storage solution you need to make your workspace as functional as possible.

Perfect for the storage of large materials, Longspan Shelving can be reconfigured to fit any space. Available with timber, mesh or steel shelves, our Longspan Shelving systems are high-quality and come in a huge variety of sizes to suit your needs. The popularity of these shelves mean we always have plenty in stock, and the lead time when ordering this shelving is fast.

Excellent for light to medium duty storage, our Rolled Edge Shelving has a weight capacity of 100kg per shelf and is suitable for a large number of purposes. The shelves are adjustable, so you can change them as your needs change, and with available accessories you can be sure this shelving system will suit your business even as it grows and evolves.

Need help planning an upgrade to your agricultural or rural storage system? Consult an expert at All Storage Systems.

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