Proven storage solutions to maximise your timber and hardware storage


For many timber suppliers and hardware stores your often storing bulk amounts of goods at one time. It can be tricky to find a storage solution that can allow you to store all your goods while also providing quick and easy access to them. It’s important that you maximise your storage space to ensure that you have the capabilities to store bulk stock without it getting damaged.


Below are 4 four storage solutions that allow you to maximise your storage capabilities while still providing protection and easy access to your products.


Cantilever racking:

Cantilever racking is a great storage solution for long, awkward, and oversized goods such as timber beams and pipes. It allows for the storage of timber and larger long items while providing easier stock control and quicker picking. The use of cantilever racking also allows for improved stock rotation, meaning that the older stock will be utilised before the new stock. The racking protects your timber goods, leading to less damage, saving you time and money not having to replace them.


Pallet Racking:

Pallet racking systems are a strong and durable storage solution that are great for storing bulk stock. Pallet racking systems can handle heavy loads with ease making pallet racking perfect for storing bulk amounts of your heavier stock such as cement and flooring. The pallet racking systems also allow for easy access to your items allowing for more efficient picking. If you only have a small space, a well-designed pallet racking system can allow you to store a bulk amount of stock in a small space, allowing you to fully maximise your storage capabilities. Pallet racking is useful for both your shop floor and storage areas. It can allow you to safely store pallets of heavier items like bags of concrete and potting mix without having to remove them from their pallets and find somewhere to store them.


Longspan Shelving:

Longspan Shelving is a great versatile storage solution that can store anything from small items to large heavy items. The shelving is a high-quality, cost-effective storage solution that is easy to assemble and reconfigure to suit any need and comes complete with 4 easily adjustable shelves. Longspan shelving is available in 3 different shelving options, timber, steel, and mesh, providing plenty of options for your storage solution. Mesh longspan shelving can be especially useful in areas where wood is being cut. This is because the mesh shelves can help prevent the accumulation of sawdust that occurs from the wood cutting. For all your chemical sprays, wood stains, paints and other liquid products, steel longspan shelving is an excellent option. Sometimes the containers that the liquid is stored in can leak leading to big messes that can often leave stains, due to the smooth finish of the shelves if it does happen it’s easy to wipe up the mess without it staining.


Gondola Shelving:

Gondola shelving is a space-saving shelving option that is perfect for use in the retail space of timber and hardware stores. The gondola shelving allows you to strategically place your goods, so they catch the eye of your customers making them more likely to purchase the goods. The shelving is also an extremely flexible option that can be moved around your space when needed as it’s not fixed to anything. Gondola shelving is also a lot more cost-effective than fixed shelving as it’s easy to assemble and you may not have to hire anyone to assemble it for you. Gondola shelving is a great way to create a clean and well organised retail space within your warehouse. It can allow you to store and display everything from tools to nuts and bolts and even safety equipment. It’s an easy way to allow your customers to find exactly what they are looking for without too much trouble.


These storage solutions are easy ways to maximise your storage capabilities and provide you with the space to be able to store bulk amounts of your products.

To find the right storage solution for you, view our range and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact our expert team.

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