Small Office Fitout Ideas To Make Your Space Look Bigger

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In a small office space, it is always essential that you maximise all your available office space to ensure you have the right balance of working and storage space. Striking the right balance can often be tricky when fitting out your office space. You can often think you need more in your space than is actually required leaving you with an overfilled and clutter-spaced space which can make your small office space feel and look even smaller. To help you make your office space look and feel more spacious, below are some simple fitout ideas that can make your small office look and feel bigger.


Office Layout

A space that’s filled to the brim with office furniture and clutter can seem much smaller than it actually is. A simple rule of thumb in a small office space is always less is more. This is where the way you choose to layout your office space can have a big impact. An easy place to start is the orientation and position of your desk in the space. If you place your desk smack bang in the middle of your office, it’s going to disrupt the flow and restrict your office space. By placing your desk along a wall or using L-shaped office workstations that will neatly fit into the corner, you can ensure that your office space is not restricted and there is still plenty of room for your office storage solutions while not making your office space feel small.

Under desk space can often go to waste, but what you might not be realising is this is prime storage space. Adding a pedestal, be it fixed or mobile, is a simple way to make use of this space. Having a pedestal close by can allow you to keep all your important documents and tools in close reach, helping to keep your desk clutter-free while also removing the need for similar office storage systems scattered around the office that will cramp your office and make it feel small.

Another simple way to free up space in your office is to go vertical with your office storage solutions if your space permits. Going vertical can allow you to get the same amount of storage space and, in some cases, more as you would if you were to go horizontal using multiple filing cabinets, for example, with the main difference being the smaller footprint that vertical office storage options provide. Great ways to maximise your vertical storage space and make your storage footprint smaller is through the use of office storage solutions like mobile office storage units and desk hutches or hobs. The high-density storage capabilities of the mobile storage units allow you to increase your available storage space without the need to increase your storage footprint. Hutches and hobs allow you to expand your desk storage vertically and not take up additional floor space. Expanding your desk storage vertically means that you can keep your desk clutter-free, giving you extra working space.

When completing an office layout you may often neglect your walls but utilising your walls can be a handy solution to free up space and make your office feel bigger. Whiteboards, corkboards or pinboards that are on stands can often take up valuable space and make your office feel cluttered. While many of them are movable most of the time they would probably stay static in one position and are rarely moved around. Instead, you can take advantage of your blank wall space and use wall mountable options that will help your free up floor space and eliminate office clutter helping to give the illusion that your office is bigger.

Key Takeaways

Position your desk in a way that won’t restrict your space and take advantage of under desk storage.



Colour can play a very important role in your office. Not only can it affect the mood and productivity of those in the space, but it can also change someone’s perception of the space by making the space feel larger or smaller depending on the colours that are featured. Opting to use lighter colours like whites and beiges can give the illusion that the objects in the space are larger and closer to you, while dark colours like greys and blacks can give the illusion that items are smaller and further away. It’s normally said that light colours advance a space whereas dark colours recede a space. In combination with natural light, the light colours can make the space feel brighter and bigger, however too much brightness can affect the mood of the space by making the space too bright to concentrate. The depth of field that dark colours provide can also make the space feel larger but too many dark colours can make the space feel gloomy which can produce a gloomy mood from those working in the office space. This is where pops of colour can help break the space up without making your office space feel small or cramped. This can be as simple as adding colourful pinboards to your wall or colourful partitions around your desks, helping to break up the dark or light colours and add some vibrancy to your space.

Key Takeaways

Colour influences your perception of a space. Light colours will seem bigger while dark colours will seem smaller.


Multifunctional Furniture

Utilising multifunctional furniture is a great way to reduce your storage footprint. Multifunctional office storage systems are space conscience which can help you to make the most out of your space. These clever office storage units allow you to combine two or three different office storage units or furniture options into one unit eliminating the need for multiple large items around your office that may only be half used.

Mobile caddies are a top multifunctional office storage solution. They allow you to incorporate multiple different office storage solutions into one, such as storage shelves, tambour units, filing cabinets and storage drawers and, in some cases, a padded seat. Tambour door units are also another great multifunctional storage solution. They too incorporate several different office storage options, such as filing cabinets and shelves, to help you to condense your office storage systems into one smaller unit.

Opting for office storage systems that offer a larger surface area at a reachable height on the top can also provide additional storage spaces for boxes, folders and much more, saving the need for large office storage cabinets that take up much more space.

Incorporating clever office storage units like these into your office space can be a simple way to reduce the need for large space-consuming office storage units that can clutter your space and make it feel small.

Key Takeaways

Multifunctional furniture can help reduce your storage footprint by combining two or three solutions into one.


Including these simple ideas into your office space can easily help you make your office feel and look bigger without structurally altering your space.

If you’re looking for office furniture Shepparton or office fitouts Melbourne, All Storage Systems has you covered. From corporate storage solutions to commercial office furniture, our extensive range has all you need to transform your office. To organise your next office furniture fit out, contact our friendly professional team today.

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