The Big Deal: Boardrooms, Receptions & Staff Rooms – Why do they Matter?


When was the last time you had a good look at your office space? Over the years we’ve seen the rise and removal of individual employee stations, open floorplans and several ping-pong tables… While Office trends may come and go, you need to keep an eye on your office layout because it can have a major impact on employee productivity and your business as a whole.

There are three areas to any business that have a huge impact on customer and client relations, these key areas often get overlooked and are reception areas, boardrooms and staff rooms. Here’s why they matter and how you can adjust them to your business’s advantage:

1. Receptions

Make a Good First Impression

With the number of competitors in every sector, making a good first impression is essential in order to stand out among the rest. Your reception area needs to be an inviting space for anyone who walks through your doors – you never know who could become a new client or employee! You also need to ensure this space is organised for the sake of your employees’ productivity and to enhance workflow in this area. Invest in furniture that is sleek and comfortable or try incorporating ambient music or plants to enrich your reception space.

Communicate your Company Culture

It’s important that your reception area reflects the brand of your business and communicates your company culture. Guests in your reception area are bound to notice their surroundings, especially during longer wait times. You can build subtle branding into your reception layout with colours, creativity and design. These aspects are what resonate with people in your reception area, making the experience more memorable.

2. Boardrooms

Showcase your Professionalism

The presentation of your boardroom is an opportunity to impress new clients or shareholders and showcase your business’s professionalism. Depending on your business culture you may want to opt for a classic boardroom table which facilitates executive and open discussion. Some modern offices take away boardrooms all together to create an open plan lounge space where ideas can be shared in a flowing, free-for-all manner.

Build Client & Employee Relationships

The boardroom is where all strategic decisions are made. It’s where you meet with clients, communicate with stakeholders and ensure operations are running smoothly with employees. This is the place where you build positive client and employee relationships. As this room in your office is designed for discussion, it’s imperative that the furniture is comfortable so that people remain attentive. Select chairs so that are inviting and cheerful, or ergonomically designed so that everyone who passes through can make adjustments to their own comfort level.

3. Staff Rooms

Create a Better Teamwork Mindset

Staff rooms should be designed to boost morale and teamwork within your business. Ensuring that employees return from their break refreshed is creating a big push behind re vamping office break rooms. Creating a collaborative space where employees can sit down and connect with one another can provide them with confidence, support and motivation. You can create a collaborative space with mobile furniture. Clip Ottomans are extremely comfortable, come in fun colours and can be easily moved around to encourage interactions and collaborations.

Enhance Employee Wellbeing

Employees can spend up to a third of their lives at work, so it’s vital they have a proper break room space to take time out and reset their mindset for the sake of their health and wellbeing. You want to make your staff room as comfortable as possible so employees can truly take time to relax and go back to their desks feeling recharged. One of the easiest ways to create a relaxed setting is to incorporate a comfy couch. Couches don’t just belong in reception areas, many modern offices also provide couches in exclusive areas just for doing work!

If you’re looking for ways to upgrade your reception, boardroom or staffroom, talk to the All Storage Systems team. Our friendly staff members can guide you through creating an engaging environment for your clients and employees. We can assist with planning your office interior or furniture fitout at your location. 

Call us on 1800 772 726 to book a FREE initial office fit out consultation at your location, and discover how we can help you design an engaging space to optimise your business practices.

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We’ve worked with clients across a range of industries to create inspiring workplaces. Let us help you transform your office or retail space. Request a consultation now. We’ve worked with clients across a range of industries to create inspiring workplaces. Let us help you transform your office or retail space. Request a consultation now.

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