Top 3 Healthcare Design Trends

Top 3 Healthcare Design Trends

The appearance of healthcare facilities has notably changed in recent years as they look for ways to attract patients or customers and differentiate themselves from competitors. The neutral, clinical designs of the past are being replaced by bolder, brighter and forward-thinking colours, designs and concepts to help establish brand identity and enhance consumer or patient experience.

However, it’s still important for the health care sector to find the right balance between exploring new possibilities and meeting occupational health and safety requirements. Thanks to advances in design and technology, this is now possible!

Here are some of the most popular trends helping to reimagine our hospitals, medical centres and health treatment clinics:

Wayfinding Art

Clear signage helps people navigate their way around a building and contributes to a sense of well-being, safety and security. By easily informing and seamlessly directing people, signage can help reduce feelings of disorientation when navigating large or complicated buildings.

Wayfinding art combines the necessary information with creative elements. Instead of standard, informational signs to guide people – healthcare facilities are frequently using creative pieces of artwork to direct patients and visitors.

Creative signage is not only more interesting and eye catching but it can aid as a distraction for distressed patients too. Highly visual wayfinding designs instantly alert patients and visitors to their surroundings and location, minimising any feelings of stress and anxiety.

Colourful Super-Graphics

The interior design of healthcare facilities remains minimal in some areas, such as patient rooms, to help reduce stress and ease maintenance. However, in public spaces including lobbies and corridors bold colours and oversized graphics are increasingly being used across walls and ceilings. Colourful interiors were most often found in children’s healthcare facilities but are now being adopted by many adult facilities too.

Colours have many positive psychological effects if they are implemented properly. Cool colours – blues, greens, purples – have a calming effect, and warm colours – pinks and yellows – have an energising effect. Similarly, if plants or gardens cannot be maintained within healthcare facilities, nature graphics are commonly used as a theme throughout the building to promote a sense of calm and healing.

Modular & Mobile Furniture

In order to meet a variety of needs – from individuals who require a quiet space and privacy to families who want to sit together in larger groups, many healthcare facilities are adopting modular or mobile furniture in public spaces.

Mobile furniture can be easily moved, for example, chairs with wheels. Modular furniture can be separated into smaller parts and used independently or as a collective piece, for example, a large desk which can be divided into a few smaller tables.

Modular and mobile furniture allow people to easily rearrange furniture as they need, for instance, if they need to access a power outlet or to create a different flow through any space. Using modular or mobile furniture is also sustainable as it can be reused if facilities undergo refurbishments, which may then require different furniture arrangements.

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