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Top Products for Hospitals to Help Increase Efficiency

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Being large busy organisations, efficiency is a key element of any hospital. Due to the nature of the work carried out in hospitals, if they are not running as efficiently as possible, it can impact how the hospital operates and the speed at which they get tasks done. With a wide range of products available that can help increase and maintain the efficiency of any workplace, it can be hard to choose the right ones for your needs.

To help narrow down the options, we have gathered some of the top products we see in hospitals that can help increase the efficiency of your hospital.

Keep reading to discover these products.

Keep your stock room clean and organised

In any hospital, it’s important that your stock room is clean and organised at all times. An unorganised stock room with items everywhere and not in the correct place can have grim consequences. If your storage solution is to blame for the untidiness of your stock room, it can also impact your workflow and slow things down in a fast-paced environment. Not only should the storage solution you use positively impact your workflow, but it should also remain in line with your hygiene and infection control practices. As you know, hygiene and infection control are extremely important in hospital settings, and your stock must stay clean and free from any dust and bacteria that may affect the sterility of your stock and equipment. The storage solution you choose should make it easy for you to keep everything clean rather than have it collect dust and damage anything that must be kept sterile.

Keeping your stock room clean and organised will also allow for better accuracy, meaning it will take less time for people to locate the stock item and take it back to their work area, helping to increase efficiency. It also means that it’s easier to see which items in your stock room are running low and need to be restocked, which helps you avoid running out of stock.

A popular shelving option among hospitals is the Cleanspan Chrome Wire Shelving. The shelving features a chrome plated finish with superior hygiene for improved infection control. The wire grid shelves help to provide extra airflow, which prevents dust from settling on any stored items allowing them to stay sterile. You can also add ticket stripping to the shelving to create an organised system that will provide everything with its own place, allowing you to keep your stock room clean and tidy. Another popular storage solution for hospitals is louvre panels with wire baskets. The wire grid structure of the baskets is small enough to keep small items secure and prevents them from falling out. Just like the chrome wire shelving, the wire baskets help to keep your stored items dust free and sterile, while the louvre panels can be attached to the wall for easy access to any stored items.

Make moving items around easy

Hospitals are sizable places with many different departments scattered throughout multiple buildings. Rather than having various storage spaces spread throughout, there is often one main store or stock room where all the medical supplies and equipment are stored. If you’re working on the other side of the hospital, this can often make it a big task to fetch the items that you need from the stock room, which is why you need a simple solution that will allow you to move the items you need from point a to point b. Using a trolley is a great solution.

Trolleys are an ergonomic way to move stock around your hospital while helping reduce the risk of injury caused by manual handling, making them a much safer option over carrying the items. A trolley allows you to seamlessly move the item you need from the stock room to the area you are working in without having to manually carry it all the way and possibly injure yourself, as the trolley does all the heavy lifting for you. Trolleys also help to prevent damage to your stock as there is less chance of an item being dropped or bumped into something. Utilising trolleys can also help increase the efficiency of your workplace as the trolley permits you to carry more than one item at a time up to a specific weight limit. This makes it easier to move multiple items around and reduces the time it would take to move each item if done by hand. Trolleys are also extremely easy to use with no special training required, meaning that practically anyone can use one, and as a bonus, they don’t need much maintenance.

One of the more popular trolley options among hospitals are the ALSTOR tiered trolleys. These trolleys are available in several different options, from single tiers to multiple tiers and enclosed options, each with the ability to carry and move up to 250kg of stock.


Ensure you have comfortable office spaces

When most people think about hospitals, they often envision operating theatres, waiting rooms and a busy emergency department. While these are all integral parts of a hospital, many people are working tirelessly behind the scenes to help keep the hospital running, so it is important that they are not neglected and have a comfortable working space that allows them to do their important work. An easy way to create a comfortable working space is by incorporating ergonomics into your office. It is a relatively simple thing to do and does not require you to complete an office fitout. It can be as simple as upgrading your desk or office chair to an ergonomic option. The more popular ergonomic office furniture options in hospitals are height adjustable desks and rapid risers.

Rapid risers and height adjustable desks work on the same ergonomic principle to help reduce the amount of time you spend seated at your desk. They help create a comfortable space by allowing you to alternate between sitting and standing, which can help reduce the pain associated with sitting all day. Using a height adjustable desk or rapid riser to alternate between sitting and standing throughout the day can help increase your productivity by up to 20%, as the extra movement created from sitting and standing helps your mind stay alert and focused. If you have desks in your office that multiple people use, rapid risers or a height adjustable desk are a perfect solution that allows any user to tailor the desk to the most comfortable height for them to work at. By opting to use a height adjustable desk or rapid riser, you can create a more enjoyable workspace that does not leave you in pain at the end of the day.

Incorporating the products listed above or similar products into your workplace is a simple way to ensure each department within the hospital is running efficiently as possible to help support the fast-paced environment.

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