Top Tips & Guidelines for Tyre Storage


Tyres can be awkward to store in a warehouse facility due to their size, weight and shape. A standard passenger car tyre weighs around 10 kilos, while machinery tyres can weigh a few hundred kilos! So not only can they be cumbersome to maneuver through a storage facility, but it makes them susceptible to poor storage habits. Proper tyre storage will save you time and money in the longer term.

When it comes to storing tyres, it’s important to be scrupulous. The hazardous nature of the materials requires your proper care. Tyres are made from materials such as synthetic rubber along with carbon black and other chemical compounds, which can catch fire easily and release toxic substances into the atmosphere.

To ensure you’re employing the best practices for your tyre storage, take a look at our top guidelines below:

1. Store in a Cool & Dry Space

It’s important to store your tyres in a cool, dry space and clean environment to prevent them from becoming a fire hazard and to protect them from any damage. Ideally, you want to store tyres indoors rather than outdoors to avoid exposure to excessive heat and UV rays. Improper storage can quickly degrade the quality of tyres, making them unfit and unsafe for driving.

2. Build Upwards not Outwards

Maximising space in your storage facility should be a top priority for your business. Making better use of your storage allows you to hold more stock and clear areas for future expansion. For storing tyres, one of the easiest solutions for efficiently extending space is building upwards instead of outwards. Modular Raised Tyre Storage Systems have become one of the most popular designs worldwide. Not only are they easy to install but they are durable, organised and efficiently optimise storage space across two levels.

3. Install Safe Handling Equipment

While you should already have Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S) standards in place, there are many pieces of materials handling equipment which can help your business enhance safety as well as productivity. Tyre Hoists and Chutes are specifically designed to eliminate manual handling of tyres. They are the safest option for minimising the chance of back injuries as well as the quickest way to transport tyres from a mezzanine to ground floor.

4. Use Quality Storage Equipment

Tyres are prone to wear and tear when they are being stored for long periods of time. One of the most common problems with tyre storage is ‘outgassing.’ This is when tyres lose oils, making the outer layer brittle, dry and susceptible to cracking.

To avoid having to continuously replace tyres, which can quickly become expensive, use quality tyre racking which allows for proper air circulation to help keep your storage temperature regulated and prevent damage to your tyre inventory.

5. Get an Audit

Depending on the layout and size of your current storage space or warehouse, you may need to consider your options as there are several different ways you can store and transport tyres. Getting an audit not only provides an outside perspective, but you also benefit from receiving expert advice from experienced storage specialists. From mobile storage tyre racks to modular raised tyre racks, All Storage Systems has the ideal solution to help your business.

You can view our range of tyre storage solutions on our website.

At All Storage Systems, we strive to help your business improve workplace efficiencies. We offer complete warehouse design services from layout to product selection, warehouse auditing and complete installation. No matter your industry, our team of specialists can design the perfect shelving and storage systems to suit your warehouse and any tyre storage.

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