What are the benefits of industrial shelving?

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No two warehouses are the same. Each has its own varied needs and requirements when it comes to industrial shelving. Durable and versatile, with options for smaller quantities and mass storage, industrial shelving is the perfect storage solution for any warehouse. Many benefits can come from using industrial shelving in your warehouse past the most obvious ones, which helps to solidify why industrial shelving is a must in every warehouse.

To discover more about how industrial shelving can benefit your warehouse, keep reading below.

Helps increase efficiency & productivity

High productivity and efficiency are essential in any warehouse. If your storage solution isn’t up to scratch, it can have adverse effects on your overall productivity and efficiency. One of the many benefits that industrial shelving can provide is that it can help increase your efficiency and productivity. A space-efficient solution, industrial shelving helps ensure that your inventory remains in prime condition and ready to go out the door without the need for cleaning or minor repairs, reducing the need for tasks that can take up valuable time. Industrial shelving options such as longspan shelving with mesh shelves and Cleanspan shelving feature mesh shelves that help reduce dust accumulation on your inventory, eliminating the need for vigorous cleaning before it leaves the warehouse.

Industrial shelving can also help streamline your warehouse processes by creating clear picking paths and providing immediate access to your stored inventory, which can enhance your overall inventory management by making it easier to see what’s in stock and what’s not in stock. Industrial shelving also has enough space on the front of the shelves for labels that can also you to attach inventory identifiers and labels that will make locating products easier, once again helping to streamline your processes, which will lead to an increase in productivity and efficiency.

Helps increase safety

Safety is paramount in any workplace, especially in warehouses. Industrial shelving is a simple solution to ensure that your warehouse stays a safe working environment. Industrial shelving can help keep your warehouse clutter-free by ensuring that everything has its own storage space where it can be kept securely. Keeping your warehouse clutter-free will help to eliminate hazards that can injure workers, thus increasing your workplace safety. Options such as rolled edge shelving that features an enclosed back can also prevent items from being pushed off the shelves and falling to the ground when an item is overstocked or pushed too far back.

The last thing you want is your shelving not being able to support the weight of your inventory. Not only will this jeopardise the structural integrity of your shelving, but can also put workers at serious risk. Industrial shelving can handle heavy loads with ease, ensuring that the shelving doesn’t buckle or break undeath the weight of heavy items helping, to ensure both the structural integrity of the shelving and the safety of workers. Most industrial shelving options have high weight capacities to allow you to store heavy items up and out of the way. Longspan shelving is a great option with a high weight capacity that allows you to store up to 400kg per shelf level while still allowing for easy access to each item, helping you maintain your safety when accessing the stored items.

Helps maximise your space

Space is a valuable commodity in warehouses that there never seems to be enough of. Expanding or relocating can be a costly exercise that not everyone can afford. Often the right industrial storage solution can solve this issue and help you maximise your storage space. Industrial shelving will not only allow you to maximise your horizontal storage space but also your vertical storage space. Taking advantage of your vertical storage space that would typically go unused is a simple solution that can help increase your storage space without needing to increase your square footage. You can also incorporate industrial shelving into a mezzanine floor, which can help you double your storage capabilities. You could then either use the mezzanine floor for extra storage space or offices or break rooms without them taking over your precious storage space.

With the multitude of benefits that industrial shelving can provide there is no reason that industrial shelving can’t be of benefit to your warehouse.

Stuck on which type of industrial shelving will work best for your warehouse? All Storage Systems are industrial shelving specialists and longspan shelving suppliers. We help by providing you with a free warehouse fitout consultation and ensuring you have the best industrial shelving for your needs. To book your free consultation contact our team today.

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