What To Consider When Planning An Office Fitout

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Whether it is new staffing editions or a business expansion, business needs constantly change. Therefore, you need an office fitout that will suit your business and the changes and challenges you may face. A well-planned office fitout is a simple solution to ensure you are ready for any changes or challenges. While every office and its needs are different, there are a few things that you should always consider when planning your office fitout.


Below we have compiled a list of the top 8 most important factors to consider when planning your office fitout. Keep reading to discover what these factors are.


Have you set a budget and timeline?

If you do not set yourself a budget, you can risk overspending and possibly not being able to finish your fitout. By making your first step to set a budget, you will already have an idea of how much you can spend, allowing you to eliminate any items that will take you over budget. Along with a budget, you should set a timeline for when you want your fitout completed, with separate deadlines for each stage of your fitout. By creating a timeline, you can ensure that your fitout stays on track and will be completed on time, so if you must close your business during the fitout, it is not closed for any longer than necessary and affecting your bottom line.


Why are you completing the office fitout?

Before starting your new office fitout, you should always consider why you are completing your office fitout. Do you need to add extra space for new employees? Or is your office outdated and in need of a refresh? Thinking about why you are completing the fitout will help you determine what you need to do with your space and the products you will require to complete the fitout. You must decide this from the very start as you do not want to get halfway through your fitout and discover that you need to move to a new office space as this will put your project behind and over budget.


Have you planned for the future?

It is always important that you remember to plan for the future. While an office fitout can help you solve any immediate issues, if you fail to plan for the future, you may have to undertake another office fitout to solve any new problems that arise. You do not want to complete your office fitout to find out a year later down the track that you need to expand and do not have any room to do so due to the layout of your office, which will cause you to have to complete another office fitout to solve the issue.


What office furniture will you select?

An essential part of any office fitout is the office furniture. Without office furniture, you have an empty open space which is not somewhere people can work. When selecting your office furniture, you should carefully consider the office furniture you choose to ensure you are selecting office furniture that will work for all your employees. It is also necessary that you take into account the needs of your employees when choosing your office furniture for your fitout as they are the ones that will be using the office furniture, so it needs to be the right furniture for them.

The furniture you provide must allow your employees to work comfortably while seated at their desks all day. A great option that will allow your employees to remain comfortable all day is ergonomic office future. Ergonomic office furniture covers everything from ergonomic desk chairs to height adjustable desks and desk risers that all help to provide comfortable working spaces that will allow your employees to remain productive.


How will you layout your office?

The layout of your office helps determine how your office will run. That is why it is necessary that you lay your office out in a way that will benefit your work rather than impede it. The most common office layouts that you will find are the cellular office layout, the cubical office layout, and the open plan office layout. Each layout type has its advantages and disadvantages, which is why you must think about how your office runs and select the most appropriate layout to ensure that your office remains productive. If your work requires lots of collaboration, an open office layout might be better suited, as it will give each person the opportunity to collaborate freely. However, if you need private space for your employees to complete their work, your office might be better suited to a cubical or cellular layout where walls or partitions are used to create separate spaces.


Does your office reflect your brand?

Another essential element to consider when completing your office layout is whether your office fitout will appropriately reflect your brand. You want your office to represent your brand well so that all the customers/clients who enter your office will leave with a good impression of your business and employees.


Have you spoken with a professional?

Office fitouts are not small tasks that you can complete in a day. They are often large and time-consuming projects that can take you away from other important work. That’s why speaking with a professional is always essential when completing an office fitout. An office fitout professional will be with you every step of the way during your fitout, helping you make all the right decisions for your office and ensuring that you create a space that will allow your employees to thrive. At All Storage Systems, we have a team of office fitout professionals that can help you with every aspect of your office fitout to create the perfect office space.

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We’ve worked with clients across a range of industries to create inspiring workplaces. Let us help you transform your office or retail space. Request a consultation now. We’ve worked with clients across a range of industries to create inspiring workplaces. Let us help you transform your office or retail space. Request a consultation now.

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