What to consider when updating your office layout

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If your office is looking outdated or is not functioning the way you would like it to, it might be time to consider updating the layout of your office with an office furniture fit-out.

With there being many different desk systems and office furniture options available, it is essential to consider the key elements of your office and why you should update them. When updating your office, it is necessary to consider the storage and working space available in your office, your cable management system and whether your current office furniture provides any health benefits.

At All Storage Systems, we are experienced office furniture fit-out specialists who can help with all your office furniture needs. We have helped many clients create the perfect office layout that has allowed them to stay organised and productive.

Below we have compiled a list of the key factors you need to consider when updating your office layout. Keep reading below to discover more.


Office Storage

Office storage is a crucial element in any office. More than often, most offices do not have enough storage for everything they need to store. So when updating your office layout, you must provide enough storage space for ample storage.

There are many great storage solutions for offices of any size that can allow you to add storage into even the smallest of spaces in your office.

Tambour Door Cabinets

Tambour door cabinets are the perfect option to turn small spaces in your office into storage spaces. The doors on the cabinet slide back into the cabinet rather than swinging out, making them easy to use in tight spaces. As the doors slide into the cabinet, it also gives you full use of the cabinet as the doors are not impeding on the storage space.


Mobile Pedestals

Mobile pedestals are the perfect addition to any desk system or workstation. If your current desk is cluttered and you cannot see the surface, a mobile pedestal is a great way to help you declutter. The mobile pedestal provides you with a place to store all your important documents and equipment while also allowing it to stay within reach. If you decide to update your desk again in the future, being mobile and not attached to the desk, it is easy to transfer the mobile pedestal from the old desk to your new desk.



Compared to standard desk systems, a workstation allows you to increase your work surface without adding an extra desk which will take up more space in your office. The extra space provided by the workstation gives you the room to have multiple tasks on the go allowing you to streamline your work. Workstations have built-in cable management allowing all cables to be securely tucked away and not taking up space on your desk. The cable management system helps keep your desk clutter free and stops you from accidentally pulling out a cord and possibly messing up your work.

When choosing your workstation, you must consider the amount of space in your office, as this will determine the size and position of your workstation. If you have a smaller office or are trying to fit multiple workstations in one office, placing your workstation in the corner of the office can allow you to get the most out of your space. With the workstation positioned in the corner, you have a lot more space behind you that you can use for storage. It can also help make a small office feel a lot bigger.


Health Benefits

Most office workers spend all day seated at a desk leading to negative health effects.

A few simple ways to help ensure that your work is not negatively affecting your health are a height-adjustable workstation and incorporating office ergonomics.

A height-adjustable workstation can allow you to ensure that you are sitting comfortably and ergonomically while you work. A height-adjustable workstation gives you the option to alternate between sitting and standing throughout the day, which can help you avoid health risks such as back pain and fatigue. A height-adjustable workstation can also increase your productivity by boosting your mood and energy.

It is also essential to consider the ergonomics of your office chair as it is the place where you will spend most of your day. Therefore, you need an office chair that will allow you to be comfortable all day. Just like height-adjustable workstations, ergonomic office chairs help eliminate the negative health effects associated with sitting all day. Meaning no more back or neck pain, no more eye strain, and no more losing focus on your work because of the pain, helping you increase your concentration, allowing you to focus on your work and get more done.

Having an office furniture fit-out conducted by a professional is a great way to ensure that your office has the correct layout.

At All Storage Systems, we have a team of professionals that can help you with all your office furniture fit-out and desk systems needs. We also stock a range of office furniture fit-out and desk system solutions to ensure that your office has the correct layout.

Check them out today or alternatively give our team of professionals a call.

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We’ve worked with clients across a range of industries to create inspiring workplaces. Let us help you transform your office or retail space. Request a consultation now. We’ve worked with clients across a range of industries to create inspiring workplaces. Let us help you transform your office or retail space. Request a consultation now.

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