Which Longspan Shelving Solution Is Suitable For My Warehouse?

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Longspan shelving is one of the most versatile storage solutions out there. From small tools and boxes through to heavy-duty equipment –Longspan gives you the freedom to adjust the shelving to meet your dynamic storage needs.

Importantly, you can use longspan shelving in conjunction with your other storage solutions, including pallet racking systems and conveyors, making it easy to integrate with the current way you store and transport your goods.

Can longspan shelving support the weight of your products being stored?

This is one of the most important questions you can ask yourself when choosing a longspan shelving system. After all, if your shelving cannot support the weight of the goods you store, this will put the safety of your staff, clients, and visitors at risk.

It is crucial ot take into account the types of products stored in your warehouse and how easily and often they need to be accessed.

How to choose the right longspan shelving unit

When it comes to frames, the two most standard heights are 2200mm and 3000mm. The three most standard depths are 450mm, 600mm, and 900mm. Choosing a frame that is of adequate height and depth is vital to optimising your long span shelving solution.

There are two types of support beams to choose from: Standard Z Beams and Heavy Duty Box Beams.

  • Standard Z Beams have a load capacity range of

o 850kg (900mm length)
o 375kg (1800mm length)
o 450kg (2400mm length)

  • Heavy Duty Box Beams have a load capacity range of

o 950kg (1000mm length),
o 485kg (1800mm length), and 735kg (2400mm length).

Both types of support beams are easy to install and modular, giving you the freedom to adjust your shelving to meet your dynamic storage needs.

When it comes to common board materials are galvanized steel, MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard), and mesh.

  • Steel shelving which has a load-carrying capacity of 375kg each,
  • MDF which has a load carrying capacity of 375kg (1800mm span),
  • Mesh which has has a load carrying capacity of 200kg.

Mesh shelving is ideal for stock that requires regular airflow, especially for preserving food. Steel shelving is available in a durable grey powder coat to finish to prevent rust, corrosion, and warping. While MDF shelving is available cut to the exact size to suit all standard lengths and depths.

If you need help with calculating the correct shelving length and load bearing capacities for your warehouse, the team at All Storage Solutions are always on hand to assist.

Is longspan shelving adjustable after you install it?

Absolutely! Longspan shelving is specifically designed to be modular, making it quick and easy to assemble and modify on the fly, regardless of the type of space you have. You can modify almost every aspect of your long span shelving to suit your needs.

What kind of accessories can you store with long span shelving?

If your warehouse requires an extra layer of security to prevent the risk of theft, misuse, and unauthorized access, the ALSTOR™ Securaspan bay is an easy and efficient way to protect your valuable stock.

This self-contained bay comes equipped with two mesh doors, which can be securely locked with your choice of locking mechanism, from standard key door locks and barrel bolt locks through to cover plates and locking rods.

The transparent mesh guard gives you complete visibility of your stock from any angle. All sides of the bay feature a secure side, back, and top mesh panel. Each panel is mesh welded to the frame to ensure maximum strength and security. And, just like your standard long span shelving, you can modify the type of board material and beams you use.

Best of all? You can use the Secureaspan bay as a standalone fixture, or as a series of bays to protect multiple lines of stock.

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