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Many people often neglect office ergonomics because they don’t fully understand how it can benefit them in the office. Ignoring proper office ergonomics leads to a range of health problems, including back pain, consistent neck pain and throbbing headaches that won’t go away.

The simple and easy solution to remove the probability of these health problems is enhancing the ergonomics of your office space to promote a healthier workspace, which can all be done by upgrading your office furniture to ergonomic office furniture.

By upgrading your office furniture you will not only be prioritising your health but can also help boost your productivity and efficiency during your long work hours. By allowing yourself to feel physically comfortable, you can divert your focus to the tasks you have to complete, which can then allow you to accomplish more in a short period of time. By switching your office furniture to ergonomic office furniture that promotes proper posture and reduces the risk of musculoskeletal issues, you can reduce the health problems that may arise from long periods of sitting and increase your concentration and performance.


Below are the top ergonomic office furniture products that can help you turn your office space into the ultimate ergonomic workspace.



As many office workers spend the whole day sitting down, they are putting a lot of strain and pressure on their bodies. An ergonomic desk chair is a perfect solution to help relieve this strain and pressure. A correctly fitted desk chair will allow you to sit with your feet flat on the floor and your knees and hips parallel providing the ideal pressure support. This will then relieve any pain you may have in your back and neck and increase your circulation. All these factors help increase your concentration making you more productive.


Monitor risers

The use of a monitor riser for your computer screens can allow you to raise your screens to an ergonomically comfortable height. Having your screens set to the right height can help you keep the correct posture while also helping to reduce eye strain, making you feel less tired.


Height adjustable desk

Upgrading your desk to a height adjustable desk can allow you to break up your sitting pattern and become more active during the day. Becoming more active during the day can help you decrease your stress levels. Thus giving you more energy and increasing your mood, making you more productive and concentrated, allowing you to tackle all your tasks.



A footrest is a great aid to your other ergonomic office furniture. They help improve your blood flow and relieve back pain, allowing you to become more mobile in your upper body. The use of a dynamic footrest can allow you to stretch and do small exercises while seated at your desk, adding a little extra movement into your day.


Now that you know the benefits of office ergonomics, it’s time to turn your office into the ultimate ergonomic space. All Storage Systems have a wide range of ergonomic products and a friendly, knowledgeable team to help with any questions. So, check out our range of ergonomic products today

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We’ve worked with clients across a range of industries to create inspiring workplaces. Let us help you transform your office or retail space. Request a consultation now. We’ve worked with clients across a range of industries to create inspiring workplaces. Let us help you transform your office or retail space. Request a consultation now.

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