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Top 3 Tips for Keeping your Warehouse Inventory in Order

Posted on , in Warehouse, by All Storage Solutions

Managing your warehouse inventory isn’t always straightforward. Wholesalers and distributors face the challenge of juggling everyday business demands, along with the pressure of ensuring orderly storage and movement of their products.

The good news is, there are three key ways you can improve your inventory control and business efficiency. Take a look at our top tips for keeping your warehouse inventory in order:

1. Optimise your Pallet Racking Layout

Need help with your storage systems? Check out our Guide to the Best Warehouse Storage Systems and Features.
Need help with your storage systems? Check out our Guide to the Best Warehouse Storage Systems and Features.

If you’re struggling with keeping your inventory in-check, then it could be time to reassess your warehouse floor plan. One of the most important aspects of your warehouse you need to focus on is the layout of your pallet racking.

Whether you use cantilever racking or mobile racking systems, you need to ensure that your pallet racking is spaced out appropriately for optimum efficiency. Your floor plan should always be designed to make your inventory fully accessible for all to manage. The most important areas to consider are shipping and receiving areas as well as space for any materials handling equipment or machinery.

2. Adopt a Regular Stock Take Routine

Stocktaking can often cause a little disruption while running everyday tasks in a warehouse which is why sometimes it can be rushed, causing some items to get overlooked. But performing stock take on a regular basis is essential for keeping your warehouse orderly and has several benefits for your business!

Stocktaking enables you to uncover discrepancies, pin-point high demand items and it can help you increase profits in your business by reducing loss and wastage. So, if you’re only carrying out stock take annually, it might be time to start doing it weekly or monthly to take advantage of its benefits.

3. Make Cleaning a Priority

In addition to adopting regular stocktake, you also need to make cleaning your warehouse a priority. Keeping all areas clean and tidy not only prevents hazards but assists with maintaining order of your inventory for maximum input and output of goods.

It’s important to make sure all supplies are clean and tidy for your pickers and packers so they can remain on task without the hindrance of clutter building up around them. Clutter not only distracts employees from their work but it can encourage messy habits, which are a bad look for any potential suppliers visiting your warehouse! If you’re working with smaller items, check out our small parts storage solutions.

At All Storage Systems, we strive to help your warehouse improve workplace efficiencies so you can optimise your assets, resources and profitability. We offer complete warehouse design services from layout to product selection, auditing and complete installation. No matter your industry, our team of specialists can design the perfect shelving and storage systems to suit your business.

Contact our sales team on 1800 772 726 or sales@allstoragesystems.com.au for advice, book an audit or organise a free fit out consultation.

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