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Top 5 Office Design Trends

Posted on , in Uncategorised, by All Storage Systems

Office Design Trends

The office is where we spend 80% of our working lives. So what is 2016 delivering in terms of interior design in our office spaces to boost productivity and wellbeing? Below we offer our top five trends of 2016 so far.

1.Convertible office desks

Companies are being rapidly converted to the health and productivity benefits of having their workers standing to work. Forbes writer Larry Olmstead writes in his blog that “sitting is the new smoking” is becoming a catchphrase across the medical profession. With employees traditionally sitting for 10 hours a day, concentration and health are suffering. 2016 is set to be the year of sit-stand desks.

With the World Health Organisation noting that physical inactivity is the fourth biggest killer across the world, now is the time to start shaking things up for your employees with sit to stand desks. Adjustable desks, rather than the traditional fixed-height standing work frames, allow employees to adjust to standing for varied amounts of time. Benefits for workplaces that have rolled out these kinds of desks range from increased productivity, better concentration in meetings, to lowered absenteeism.

While businesses are cottoning on to the benefits of having sit-stand desks for their employees, many businesses are now expanding the trend to meeting rooms. Standing meetings have been shown to be more productive and create greater team cohesion.

Office Design Trends

2. Natural work surfaces

Nature is making a huge come-back in 2016. While shiny chrome futuristic surfaces were all the rage across the early 2000s, natural surfaces and bringing the outdoors indoors is becoming an early trend for 2016. This includes choosing wooden surface finishes over chrome, glass or laminate to bring the outside-in.

Giving the office a more outdoorsy feel is not only on-trend, it’s been shown foster creativity and boost team cohesion.

This trend can be easily bought into an existing office by choosing wood paneled furniture, opting for natural light, and bringing in leafy green plants. Our range of tambour units with planter boxes are the perfect addition to add some green to your office

3.Lifestyle amenities

More and more, offices are beginning to look like home. We spend a lot of our lives at work, and with the internet making work more flexible than ever, as design executive Steve Coster from HASSELL notedto executivestyle.com.au “Now that people have more freedom in where they do their work, if you want to bring them together into an office situation, it will need to be a welcoming, attractive and comfortable place. One way to achieve this is to make the office appear more homely and domestic.” Comfy couches and homely, intimate nooks are allowing workers to choose their own workspaces, move throughout the day, and be selectively social and task-focused. Create this look by going with big dining tables, bar stools and nest chairs.

Office Design Trends

4. Social meeting spaces

Increasingly, workers are becoming socially minded and team oriented. As well as wanting to feel at home at work, workers are increasingly reaping the creative benefits of open social spaces in their workplaces.

McKevley, designer and architect at Wework noted to Fast Company “It’s more crucial to make sure people are connecting and brainstorming with each other.“ Building Design and Construction also mentionthat tables and furniture that are functional and mobile are also a key element in these spaces: “Furniture should be movable but not necessarily mobile, enabling easy reconfiguration while discouraging relocation via ‘borrowing.’”

While open plan offices have been known to come at the expense of productivity, and cubicles being too restrictive, bookshelves and large tables spread throughout the office can create social spaces for collaboration while maintaining areas for privacy. Making sure that there are social and private spaces, with furniture that can move between is set to take off in 2016.

Office Design Trends

5. Minimalist design

Okay, so most office managers know that having clutter is not a good thing. But beyond this, 2016 is showing a strong trend of creating wide, open spaces with lots of natural light. Clutter is being recognised as a stressor in itself and trends like Konmari are sweeping the globe. Think of the Apple store – a popular space stripped back to just what’s necessary. Getting the right storage is essential for minimizing clutter and maximising airy, open space.

Getting an on-trend, workable office is something that can feel like a daunting task on your own, but all storage systems can design an on-trend, healthy and productive office space for you. Contact our sales team on 1800 772 726 or sales@allstoragesystems.com.au for help and advice.

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