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Utilising good materials handling practices in your workplace can help you to eliminate workplace accidents, reduce stress and ultimately save time. All the components of your materials handling system should work cohesively to help you achieve your goals.


At All Storage Systems, we stock a range of materials handling equipment to help you create a cohesive system.


The All Storage Systems range of materials handling equipment includes:

  • Trolleys & Hand Trucks: Using trolleys and hand trucks around your warehouse can help to reduce workplace injuries. The trolleys and hand trucks can be used to move heavy goods around, eliminating the need to manually carry these heavy items.
  • Mesh Cages & Stillages: Great for use in a range of industries such as production and warehousing. Mesh cages and stillages allow you to securely store your goods preventing workplace accidents and damage to your stock. The mesh cages and stillages also provide the perfect way to easily transport your goods.
  • Ladders & Safety Steps: Using ladders and safety steps around your workplace helps create a safe, secure and productive workplace. They eliminate the risk of falling when reaching for items on high shelves using unsafe items as stepping stools. Ladders and safety steps also provide comfort and safety at high levels making it easy to pick items.
  • Lifting Equipment: Using lifting equipment around your warehouse makes it easy to move heavy items from point A to point B. Lifting equipment also helps eliminate manual lifting reducing the risk of workplace injuries.
  • Waste & Cleaning Equipment: Makes it easy to keep your warehouse clean. Spills can be cleaned up in an instant with spill kits eliminating a slip hazard. Wheelie bins ensure that there is no rubbish left lying around to create trip hazards. Bin tippers then make it easy to empty your bins and avoid them overflowing.
  • Drum Handling & Bunds: Allow you to safely store your liquids helping to eliminate spill hazards. The bunds help to contain any spills and leakages that may occur, while the drum handling equipment allows you to easily move your drums around your warehouse and avoid any spills.
  • Workplace Safety & Barriers: Help you to create a safe workplace. Safety signs alert people to the conditions of the area before entering. Using convex mirrors gives everyone a clear view of their surroundings ensuring that they see what’s coming around the corner. Bollards, cones and barriers allow you to section off areas where a hazard may have occurred ensuring that no one injures themselves.
  • Conveyors: An economical solution for moving heavy goods. They save you having to carry the heavy goods around your warehouse, instead making gravity do all the hard work.

As a trusted supplier of materials handling equipment, at All Storage Systems, we have an expert team to assist you with all your materials handling needs to help you safely move items around your warehouse. For more information on our mezzanine floors, give our expert team a call on 1800 772 726.