Pallet Racking

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Pallet Racking

Pallet racking systems are the perfect way to get the right balance between the largest quantity of products possible while ensuring these products remain easy to access and move. Pallet racking systems are sturdy, durable and can handle heavy loads with ease meaning that large quantities of products can be stored without the risk of destabilising the racking.

Having a well-designed pallet racking system can help you store a large volume of stock within a small area, allowing you to store more stock than you could before.

If you’re looking to buy pallet racking, there is a wide range of pallet racking systems that are available including:

Double Deep Pallet Racking

Double deep pallet racking systems allow for the storage of 2 or 4 pallets deep on double-entry racks. This allows for an increased storage capacity and density in your storage space. Lower-level stock can be stored on beams that sit above the ground

Drive In Pallet Racking

Drive in pallet racking systems are high-density FILO (first in, last out) systems designed for use where there are low numbers of high volume, high turnover lines and where time and volume are critical. It’s great for use in high-density situations and is customisable for any application.

Galvanised Pallet Racking

Galvanised pallet racking systems are a hot-dipped galvanised steel systems that protect from all temperatures. Due to being hot-dipped, the racking is great for use in extreme humidity and areas where temperatures are varied. The most common use for galvanised pallet racking systems is for outdoor storage.

Other pallet racking systems available:

  • Pallet racking
  • Push back racking
  • Selective pallet racking
  • Narrow aisle racking
  • Carton flow racking

All Storage Systems stock a large range of pallet racking and accessories. As a trusted pallet racking supplier, we are a one-stop shop to buy pallet racking. For more information on our range of pallet racking and how we can help you, give our expert team a call on 1800 772 726.